New Team, New Office, New Assignment

3 MAY 2024, 0700
INV3 Kevin Roe’s Residence, Portsmouth, VA &
Elizabeth Friedman Law Enforcement Building, USCG Base Portsmouth, VA

His apartment was just stacks of boxes, a bed with a mattress that hadn’t finished inflating yet, and thankfully a very comfortable couch. His last assignment to the Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York City an operation he was leading came to head during the time he normally would have taken leave so he declined it. It left his house hunting for an apartment, signing the lease, and moving into an apartment he’d never seen before in a span of three days.

Kevin was disappointed in leaving the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force where he teamed up with officers and agents of many law enforcement organizations including the FBI, NYPD, Department of State, and more. It was there where he got to lead one of the Task Force’s teams and a couple of successful operations leading to arrests. He earned a promotion to Chief Warrant Officer 3 while on the team and was ordered to CGIS Major Cases Unit for assignment as a Supervisory Special Agent for one of its two teams. Kevin would be heading up the East team based in Portsmouth, Virginia in a brand new facility on the same base that made up LANTAREA and Sector Virginia Headquarters.

He left his appointment and found himself a coffee for the drive he was familiar with the area having lived here when he was assigned to MSRT East. He was enjoying his new apartment which was located right on the river having wanting immediately to check the building out when he got his orders for his new assignment. The apartment he rented was on the sixth floor and had wonderful views into the shipyard and down the river as well as the park next to the complex. While he had no time to avail himself of it yet there was also a gym and a pool.

His trip to the office was pretty easy though he would plan for a bit more traffic when attempting to arrive at his normal time. Today he was coming in an hour early to meet with his Special Agent-in-Charge before even getting a chance to look at his new office. He got to the lobby of the building and had to sign in the visitors log he would be issued a special pass for the building specifically, as did all the employees here, to get on the elevator and open the doors into the office and the like. He took the elevator up to the fourth floor and waited in a waiting area for his boss to arrive which happened two minutes later when she stepped off the elevator.

“Special Agent Roe?” the woman asked, as she walked off the elevator toward him. Like Kevin, she was dressed in civilian clothes as all agents did when on duty as an agent no matter their military status.

“Yes ma’am,” he said, rising from his seat, and following the woman who didn’t break stride as they made their way toward her office. While non-CGIS personnel addressed agents working in their official capacity simply as special agent and didn’t acknowledge their military rank within the agency and while in full uniform for non-duty related functions their normal rank was still used.

“Commander Abigail Ruiz, I’m your new SAC,” she said. “Your team is brand new and as you know this will be their first official meeting. You have a team of varied experiences but I think you’ll do well. Your senior special agent, in particular, has a wealth of experience I’d not be surprised if you’d crossed paths prior,” she indicated but didn’t give a name. CDR Ruiz would not normally be working from this building as her office was in Coast Guard Headquarters in DC but for today she elected to meet Roe on his new turf in a borrowed office.

“I wasn’t able to access a team roster, as of yet, ma’am,” Kevin informed her, as the pair entered her office, and with a motion indicating an invitation from his boss he took a seat and watched as she moved about to settle in.

“We will update your access today, IT is on your floor, and you can get your building ID from PD,” she said, as their location on the main floor of the building was quite obvious. “I do have an assignment for your team that will require travel, it will likely last thirty days, but could be sixty,” she said, finally sitting down in her chair.

“Oh?” Kevin asked, surprised by this development.

“Your team is not currently in the on-call rotation and has no assigned cases so at the moment I think it would be the most appropriate,” she pointed out. “Someone in personnel made some mistakes and the Resident Agent Office at Cape May is currently completely vacant.

“Vacant?” Kevin asked.

“They were billeted for three agents, one was not filled, one was a trainee who just went off to Bahrain, and the third retired two weeks ago. Coast Guard P-D has been trying to hold their own for the last couple of weeks but they don’t have the personnel to handle some cases that have piled up. Though the Chief of Police was fully briefed before the retirement and has a list of cases that need attention from investigators,” she said.

“I see,” Kevin said, a bit in disbelief. It of course wasn’t the first major snafu that he had encountered during his time in the Coast Guard and certainly would not be the last. “If you forward me the chief’s contact information I’ll reach out to him as soon as I have a chance to get into my office. When do we need to be on the road?”

“I would say I’d like you up there by Wednesday evening and operational by Thursday morning and a full report on Monday,” the woman said, leaning back in her chair. “I’ll send you an email with your official orders within the hour so you can brief your new team.”

“Aye ma’am,” Kevin said, nodding. “I’ll go see to my identification card and getting my IT profile fixed. Then I’ll brief the team when they arrive. I know PD is here when can I expect someone from IT?”

“You should be able to catch them now they have people on site from seven until twenty-three-hundred,” she explained. “I’m sure they’ll love to have a security update before they’ve finished their first cup of coffee.”

“I’m not sending them on a two-month trip on their first day though,” he said, with a smirk.

“It was convenient for me Agent Roe, I’ll not lie,” she said, standing up. “Welcome to the new Chesapeake-Capital Region I think you’ll enjoy our new facility and the office space your team has been assigned. I’ll get fleet services to send you a list of your team’s assigned vehicles later today. Your office is located on the third-floor suite three-oh-three. You’ll have a regular key to your office door which PD should have for you as well. Any questions?” she asked.

“No ma’am, at least not yet, give me a couple of hours and I’m sure I’ll come up with something. The team I understand has its own administrative assistant?” he asked, which was a surprise to him.

“Correct, a YN2 if I recall, she has been here for about a year and will do great for you. Welcome aboard,” she said, and the two shook hands.

“Thanks, Commander,” Roe said, before turning and leaving with his next objective access to the building and his office.

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