10 MAY 24, 0110
Cape May, NJ

The car ride had been silent, that much was obvious as it was obvious she would never be best buddies with Reeves.  

When they arrived at the station her associate had stalked inside and was probably going to have an uncomfortable chat with the boss that thankfully she wasn’t going to be part of. But she grabbed her jacket out of the back of the car then saw her partner “Hey Buzz.”

“Hey!” Buzz was leaning against his vehicle, two phones in his right palm, alternating between them in a mixture reading information and texting home. He looked up and frowned as he noted the expression on Angie’s face. “You okay?”

“Just had a fun experience with Reeves.” Angelica said, “luckily I got some info, but damn that woman has a talent for pissing people off.” She was purposely keeping her voice down, not wanting to air laundry publically.

Both phones disappeared into his jacket pocket and with a wry smile Buzz turned his full attention to his partner. “Walk and talk?” He offered, indicating the road out towards the seafront. 

They walked together for a bit, “Basically, she nearly gave the witness a panic attack. started talking about charges, to a scared ass kid who was also worried about his buddy. Had to get her out of the room or kid would have either fainted, puked or lawyered up.”

Gulls cried overhead, but Buzz focused on Angelica’s venting with a lazy ease gleaned from working with all kinds of people. “Well, damn…” he said on an exhale. “Kid okay? Guess Top Gun’s better at attack mode than conversation, huh?”

“Yeah.” She then paused, “Kid’s fine, got some info out of him and told him to call me if he realized everything, tried to talk to her afterwords in private give some tips, but I got a full force of fighter pilot ego. so I’m going to let the boss deal with it.”

“Oh?” There was finite curiosity in the man’s voice. “Mav’s in trouble?” Buzz grinned. “There’s an unexpected turn of events.” He rested a big paw of a hand on Passolini’s shoulder in support of this recent frustration. “You did good with the kid,” he pointed out coolly. “But for the record, I never doubted you for a second.” 

She nodded, “thanks. As for this case, I’m just remember lost hiker cases back home. Hope we find this kid.”

Buzz’s smile vanished and his expression chilled considerably. Turning away from Angie, he cast his gaze outwards that distant maritime horizon and waited until that internal moment passed through him in a wave of brief, lingering anxiety. For all those lost… 

“We’ll find him,” Buzz promised. He focused his attention back on his partner. “You and me, we won’t give up. Alright?”

“Never have in the past, too damn stubborn.”

After that moment, Buzz shifted gear slightly, curiousity driving his question. “So how much trouble is Reeves in?” He asked, curious to know why the boss was getting involved.

“I’m pretty sure she’s not coming back, but he didn’t exactly get chatty about it, but it is officially NOMFuP.”

That got a raised eyebrow from Buzz.

“I learned it from Lance Corporal in the Blackwatch when we were stationed together, Not my fucking problem, NOMFuP.”

“Ah, it was a SEFP for us – Somebody Else’s Fuckin’ Problem – but I like that better,” confirmed Buzz. Then he picked up on the meat and bones of what his partner had just told him. “Really? Not coming back at all?” Kinda rhetorically asked questions those. “Real Fast ‘n’ Furious then.” That hand was back on his partner’s shoulder in support-mode again. “Hey, sorry, guess you’re stuck with me, kid,” Buzz promised with a grin.

That got a laugh, “Well, I’ve been stuck with worse.”

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