10 MAY 24, 00:00
TRACEN Cape May, NJ – VIP Quarters, INV3 Roe

Kevin had been asleep for about an hour when his phone rang, it was his work phone, he sighed and rolled over and grabbed it off the nightstand. He looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Chief Lamar of the TRACEN PD. He pulled the charger out and brought the phone closer to him hitting the accept button.

“Roe,” he answered, groggily.

“Sorry to call you at this hour,” Brian responded. He heard the grogginess in his voice and knew that feeling all to well. “We have an AWOL recruit. Was slated to return at 2000 hours from weekend leave. Hasn’t been heard from since Saturday evening when he was last with his shipmates.” 

While Brian was rattling off this information, his keyboard could also be heard. He was typing up the final notes from their end before hitting the send button. It included all the files regarding the currently discussed recruit that Kevin and his team would need.

“Did his shipmates say anything?” Roe asked, switching the agency iPhone to speaker and placing it on the bed beside him as he rubbed his face with both hands.

“Preliminary investigation, conducted by officers, concluded that the recruit was going through major depressive episodes while on duty. Shipmates with the recruit Saturday, stated the recruit seemed off and got worst after taking a phone call. Also noted they were unable to hold their liquor. Confirmation of depressive episodes was received from Company Commanders.” Brain said with a slight sigh. It wasn’t the first time depression had hit the ranks. It just typically ended with them in medical and then getting discharged.  

“Was that ever reported to medical?” Roe asked, wondering if that was something else that needed to be looked into.

“Take a guess,” Brian replied as he hit the send button. “All the materials we have and personnel files have been sent to you.”

“Figures,” he said, sounding even less amused. He picked the phone back up and switched it back to handset and put it to his ear as he began to get out of bed. “Alright, I’m going to recall the team… we will meet in the conference room at your station in an hour or so be ready to present.”

“Glad I am already here then,” He said with a chuckle. He then ended the call with some pleasantries and hung up. 

When he hung up with the police chief he made his way to the small fridge and opened a bottle of water and took a long pull. He then opened the email that he had just received and forwarded it to the entire team. He took another pull of the water before he set the bottle down on the counter and dialed the Yeoman from his contact list.

“YN2 call the entire team and tell them to be in the conference room at the police station no later than thirty-minutes for a case,” he said. “All hands on deck.”

Hannah glanced at the time and quickly answered “Yes sir.” She said as she climbed out of bed and hung up with Roe.

“Thanks,” Kevin said, hanging up. He quickly shot a text to the police chief updating the time and put the phone back on it’s charger by his bedside and then he sighed he’d need a shower before getting dressed again.

Hannah was dialing numbers as soon as she was done with Roe. Once everyone had been contacted, she headed for the shower and quickly dressed in her uniform. She looked at the clock as she left her room and headed to the police station. She arrived with about 10 minutes to spare.

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