Baby Brother

8 MAY 24, 11:00
Zoom Conversation
TRACEN Cape May, NJ – Transient Quarters, Special Agent Passolini

The good news was she wasn’t hungover, that got very old very fast, and working a few accidents cured any desire to push envelopes. This morning she was going to call her brother as she had promised mom last night.

So this morning before her run, it was talk to her brother time, which was done with the usual online video chat, it had been something they picked up when they were separated by miles, so she logged in and when he was available sent him the message request

Soon they had connected with a video conference. The first thing she noticed was his hair had gotten longer. She favored their father’s side of the family while he looked more like their mother’s side Her side was more blonde, dad had what were seen as the most italian features, olive skin, dark hair, joke was when she tanned she was mistaken for many different races, from Latin, to even in some cases Arab, it was amusing especially since she’d picked up some of the language in her military service.  

“So…..Said anything interesting to mom lately?”

She could see the flush on his face, “She told you huh?”

“Yeah, she called me, convinced you were going to die on some beach somewhere or something.”She looked at her brother, seeing his embarrassed hiding of his eyes. “You been reading those true story books again?”

“What the job looks badass.” Anthony was defensive again, “I mean jumping in and taking out terrorists…”

She signed, “Have you even looked at the success rate for their training, It’s what 10% at best.”

“I can do it.”

“Not doubting that NOW, but think of it, it’s easy to say that when you’re not wet, cold, exhausted to your core, That’s when you have to make those decisions. Could you do that?”

“I….Don’t know.” her brother admitted.

“That, is the smartest thing you ever said, Anthony. “ She paused, “You’ve got 2 more years of High School, take your time, enjoy being a junior and a senior, keep playing football, dad said you’re a hell of a linebacker.”

He seemed to blush, “I’m…ok.” Then he said, “I know Great uncle Anthony never finished High school….”

She raised a hand, “He also ran numbers for a guy named Nicky Meathook, and you try and drop out, you know what will happen right?”

“Mom will kill me?”

“No genius, I’ll kill you, be more merciful than mom.” She paused then continued, “Right now, figure out what you want, if you do want to do this, and you make it, I’ll be proud of you, right now, enjoy high school.” She then continued, “Besides you might end up getting a Football scholarship then maybe NFL?”

That got a chuckle, “Drafted by the Packers or something?”

“There you go. I don’t think Lambeau could hold the entire family.” Then Angelica paused, “One other thing boy, you really want a challenge, look up Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, just as badass as SEALs talk to uncle Pete, he can tell you stories.”

“Did he do that?”

“No, but he worked with them, Plus he’s got some good war stories. Might help to talk to someone besides me.” That brought out a quirky smile, “and mom and dad, they’ll come around. But no talk of joining SEALs or anything for a few months.”

He paused, “I didn’t want to upset mom.”

“I know Ant’ny I know, but you’re her baby boy, but she and dad will have your back when you decide. Hell if I know dad, you join the Navy he’ll fly a big Navy flag every week, and if you go to college they’ll be rabid fans of whatever team you’re on.”

That made her brother smile, “What if I get drafted by the Bears?”

“You’re out of the will.”

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