Belton Circus

4 MAY 24
 Belton Home

Hannah had left the office at noon after making sure that everyone’s contact and emergency contact information was updated in the system. After making sure that her car had been reserved from the motor pool, she headed home. Evan was off duty for the day and had the kids with him at the local park. This gave her a chance to get packed for departure the next day. She already had a mental list of what she would need.

Arriving home, she parked her car in the garage, sighed and picked up her eldest bike that was lying on the front lawn and took it back to the garage. Shaking her head, she needed to remind him again not to leave things laying around. Even though they lived in a decent neighborhood that didn’t mean things didn’t happen. Entering the home through the garage door, she was greeted by their two German Shepherds, Eva and Bentley. They were brother and sister and they had got them from Germany to be guard dogs. They were more likely to lick a stranger to death than bite them. She did have to admit that they were very protective of the kids.

Walking through the kitchen to the living room, she grimaced, the twins gym was in the middle of the floor with two empty bottles lying there. Grabbing that up, she headed back to the kitchen and then upstairs to their bedroom. Grabbing her duffle bags, she quickly packed the items that she would need and put the bags in the car so she didn’t have to search in the morning.

Glancing at the clock, she knew that the family would be home by 2 p.m. because the twins would need to be fed and that was in about 30 minutes. Just enough time for her to get a shower. Grabbing a fresh towel from the hall closet she did just that, finishing up as she heard the garage door open and Evan’s car pull in. She headed downstairs and was suddenly tackled by her 5 year old son “MOMMY!”

She grabbed her son and swung him up into a hug. He was excited to see his mom home before he had his nap. Evan came in with the girls in their car seats. Hannah set Nicholas down and kissed her husband and took one of the car seats and set it on the counter. Bethany and Elisa were chewing on fists and content.

Evan came around the counter “What time are you leaving in the morning?” He asked as he took one of the girls out of the carseat and put her in her high chair with some puffs. Hannah smiled “By 0600. Mom will be here at 0500 so you can leave for work by 0730.” She said as she prepared fresh bottles for the girls and a snack for Nicholas. “I’ll be gone about 30 days. If Mom can’t come take care of the kids while you’re on duty, Nissie will. She can do her college work remotely.” She said as she put the banana and crackers on a plate and sat it at the table for her son.

Grabbing a piece of banana “Everything already in the car and I’ll grab a car from the motor pool before I leave. I’ll call you when I get there.” She added wrapping her arms around his waist and looking up at him. He leaned down and kissed her “We’ve got this. I love having your mom here, the kids love her and I know that they are taken care of when I’m not here.”

Nicholas finished his snack and went to his room and laid down for his nap. She and Evan fed the girls their bottles and laid them down for naps and then they got to work on laundry and making meals for the next week.

By 9:30 p.m. everyone was in bed except for Hannah. She was nervous about leaving the kids for so long. Especially the twins. They were six months old and this would be the longest that she had been gone. Finally she willed herself into bed and sleep, with her alarm set for 0430 so that she could have coffee ready for everyone.

As promised, her mom arrived at 0500 and she was out the door by 0530 and at the motor pool by 0600 and on the road by 0700. She set the directions to Cape May and the base there.

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