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4 MAY 2021, Evening
Home of Pasquale Abruzzo

She pulled her issued car into the driveway of the small bungalow When she looked over at the ocean the slip by the pier was empty which meant he was out catching something for dinner.

Charlie had been removed from the car, she had picked him up after work, they would go for a long walk in the dog park or over by the ocean he could run around, chase the seagulls who made their displeasure known with their cries, which Carlie joined in with his delighted barking. There were several cats of different ages who prowled the wharf, when he first came out here a year ago, he tried to mess around with them, but, rather than run, like the cats in the park in Milwaukee, they fought back and when he got a scratched up nose that drew blood, he gave them wide berth.

She walked along, thinking about the talk with Rowe, going back in the military? Even if it was basically active duty reserves, her pay would stabilize, then again one does not exactly get wealthy as a civil servant, either military or civilian.

On the Horizon she saw her uncle’s boat, it was a decent size boat, 26 feet, with several antennae and other accouterments heading in from the ocean.

Waving to her uncle she jogged out to the pier to help him and his mate with the ship’s lines, as she had even when she was a little girl. When she ship docked she helped the young man who was serving as a crewman on the 26-foot vessel the Triton’s Folly, tie the vessel down then she called up to the bridge, “Permission to come aboard.”

“Get your ass in here.” His growly voice hadn’t changed since she was a little girl and she hopped, nimbly on the boat, soon joined by Charlie who barked at the gulls, delighting in their cries of outrage.

She moved over to embrace her uncle , “How was the fishing?”

“Not bad, got some grouper.” He showed her the fish, “And we got some rock shrimp so gonna cook Scampi tonight.”

“Sounds good.” She paused, “I can get it started.”

“You didn’t come out here to enjoy my garlicy scampi and her old stories, what’s on your mind?”

She looked at him, “You reading minds now?

“Remember I’ve got over 30 years dealing with young folks trying to hide stuff, So out with it.”

“I talked to my SSA, he asked me a question, why am I not full-time reserve?”

He looked sphinxlike then replied, “A conversation like this needs beer, and you can;t do that with that hogleg on your belt.” He was a stickler for few things, but safety was one of them.

“Fair enough,” Angelica responded, then she looked over and Charlie was leaning against the crewmember who looked slightly terrified. “Charlie leave that man alone. Come here.” Charlie barked and trotted over to her side

They retired to his small house. She had stopped off and put her holster, badge and ID in the trunk.

Once back inside she took the offered can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, he hadn’t changed his beer choice since she was a girl, Once they sat down he just looked at her, and they began to talk about what she had discussed with Roe and the option of full-time reserve.

Once she was done he was silent for a bit, sipped his drink then spoke,”Ever think you would get rich as an investigator?”

“Not really.”

He nodded, “I figured, your dad was not happy when you joined APD I remember, I told him she’s gotta find her own way, I mean your grandfather wanted your father to join the family business but he wouldn’t be happy working construction.”

She did chuckle at her fastidious father working hard construction, “Point.”

“Right now you got some TDY I heard through the grapevine, drawing long arms and stuff.” He saw her confused expression, she hadn’t mentioned the equipment she drew, He smiled, “I trained one of the armory chiefs, we meet for lunch a couple of times a month, he mentioned it.”

Then he continued his comments as they ate a light meal, “Right now, you’ve got your hands full, think on it, talk to a few folks, As I heard from friends that did the recruiter path, I can’t serve your hitch for you.”

She sighed, “Somehow I expected brilliance and wise advice.”

He just looked at her with that same raised eyebrow that she remembered from her mother, “Save that for Father Karras, I’m just a retired Master Chief, you’re lucky I didn’t pepper with with ‘fuck’ just for tradition.”


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