Day Two

FRI 7 MAY 24, 0816
TRACEN Cape May, NJ – CGPD Station, Conference Room

“Good morning,” INV3 Roe said, as he entered the small conference room with a large cup of coffee in hand. He moved straight to the head of the table and took his seat, “has everyone met Reeves?”

Erin sat just moments earlier. She was tall and slim, with long legs and was dressed in a simple dark female business suit. Unbuttoned jacket showed her Sig-Sauer holstered at the belt. Her dark, long hair, were free, falling past her shoulders. At the introduction from Roe, her neutral expression broke with a simple friendly smile and she raised her hand adding a graceful wave to it. Her green eyes swept agents at the table. “Hi. I don’t think we’ve met. I am the new one here, right from sunny California.”

Angelica raised her coffee in welcome, “Welcome aboard, Angelica Passolin, folks call me Ange . ” She the extended her hand to the other woman.

A tall blue smoothie rested down on the table so that he had a hand free. Buzz then reached a muscular arm in Erin’s direction. His shirt was pristine, but the sleeves were loosely rolled up to his elbows already. “Good to meet you, Reeves,” he said with a smile. “I’m Bradley, but you can call me Buzz.” 

“Erin.” Reeves said in the response, standing up and leaning to shake the hand of Ange and then Buzz. “You two work together as a team?” The brunette asked sitting down on her chair.

“We will primarily work in partners,” Roe said, hearing the question. “As a probie you actually are required to have one. As we are not at full strength at the moment you’re stuck with me.” He sipped from his coffee and leaned back in his chair.

“Shall we get started?” he asked, looking to the Yeoman for confirmation she was prepared to take notes and such as he’d not brought his notepad or laptop to the meeting this morning.

Hannah had her trusty notebook out for notes. She nodded to Erin “Welcome aboard.” She said as she made a couple notes for things she needed to get done and nodded to Roe showing she was ready.  

“Alright, Buzz, Ange,” Kevin said, turning his attention to the duo. “What do you have for me on the matter of the alleged violent non-rate and the quiet MKC?”

“Officially, victim non cooperative, gut feeling, something happened, but it’s tough to prove.” She began, “Unless we can find a second witness or evidence we can use, it’s a dead end.” She turned to her partner, “Buzz, agreed?”

He nodded. “Agreed,” Bradley said. He waggled the outstretched palm of his right hand. “Lotta heresay and a few conflicting opinions says there’s something there, but it ain’t coming out in anything resembling hard evidence just yet.” He looked from Angelica to Roe in case that wasn’t enough detail (or lack of) for him. 

“It doesn’t matter if we can prove it,” Roe said. “If the victim doesn’t want to press charges then no crime was committed. We need to move on from this matter. I appreciate you taking the time for this wild goose chase but it gives us good rep with the local PD and the base commander. It’s a major command that can come back to help us later on,” he explained. “I may even attempt to meet up with them and give them the news in person.

“Yessir,” Buzz agreed with a crisp enthusiasm. “If’n you want some support, be happy to oblige,” he added. The brief look to his partner said a little more, but without words. Neither of them were entirely switched off on ramifications of this case, but officially, absolutely, there was nothing more they could currently do.

Angelica nodded along with her partner, she still felt there was more she could do, but unless something changed there wasn’t much more that could be done.

“Belton, what’s next on the docket?” Roe asked. “We’ll assign it to them.”

Hannah flipped open the folder that was in front of her “USCG PD is reporting an abandoned vehicle that was found on the base it was found in the parking lot of the exchange. The vehicle is bearing NJ License Plate S17PWH. CGPD has not investigated the incident further than a vehicle search which resulted in no dangerous items found. The vehicle has been left secured in the parking lot where it was found with keys and the doors unlocked.” She said “Not much to go on. There’s no indication that the tag has been run.” Hannah added as she flipped through the very thin file. 

Hannah added “There are no case notes from CGPD.” She said “What you see is what we have.”  

She handed the file to Roe after giving the scant details that were available to them. It seemed odd that someone would leave their car and not return for it. She wondered if they were training and it broke down or if there was something else going on. Cases like this intrigued her.  

“Do we know who the vehicle belongs to?” Erin asked clasping her hands and meshing her fingers on the table. “Is it a private property in the first place?”

Hannah shook her head “There is no indication of who the car belongs to, or that plates have been run.” She said “It’s sitting in the parking lot of the base exchange.”  

“Guess we run the plate, check any surveillance cameras and the base log,” Buzz stated, giving Angelica a perfunctory nod that said ‘ready when you are’. “We’ll get on it, boss.” He waited to see what Roe and the newbie were picking up.

“I would hope they bothered to run the plates… perhaps they’re not coming back as valid or something,” Roe suggested, hoping the police department had done some due diligence.

“I’ll run the tag real quick see if we can get a name,” Angelica said.

“Yeah you can work that after the briefing, shouldn’t be much longer,” he said. “I don’t have the case file at the moment but I will forward it to you, Erin, when we get started… but we’ll be handling a string of vandalism involving base housing. All of the housing outside the fence in this neighborhood is owned by the Coast Guard so anyone can access it and it’s all owned by the Coast Guard.”

Erin turned to Roe and nodded.

“Understood. Anything important about the case to share with me now?” She confirmed. With no details, she wasn’t able to think much about it. However if Roe mention it now maybe there was something there for her already. If not, she would wait until after the briefing.

“There weren’t really any other details… the PD has a list of complaints that we’ll grab and then we’ll update the case file and head out and do some leg work and talk to any complainants,” Roe explained.

“Speaking of case files,” Roe said, turning his attention back to the other two. “Try and get me the report and a disposition on your first case by the end of the work day so that we can cross it off the to do list.”

“No problem, boss,” promised Buzz with an enthusiastic nod in response to said request. Sounded simple enough, he figured as he looked to Angelica and amicably suggested. “If there’s nothing else we need to know, we can get right on it now.”

“If nobody has anything else?” Roe said, looking to the other team members.

Erin shook her head slightly and glanced at others at the table.

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