Digging Deeper

10 MAY 24, 0115
TRACEN Cape May, NJ – CGPD Station, Break Room

After the meeting had been dismissed, Hannah headed for another cup of coffee in the break room while Passolini and Roe spoke in their shared office. As she poured from the decanter sitting on the warmer, she took a quick sniff to see just how old it was…deciding it wasn’t much worse than what she had gotten at the corner store, she added enough cream and sugar to make it somewhat palatable. Looking at her watch 0115, he had been missing now for who knows how long. She leaned against the counter to consider where he might have gone. His fellow recruits said that he was highly intoxicated, did they leave him at the bar or did he leave before them?  

He had been gone for at least 24 hours now…considering how fast people could travel, he could be anywhere by this point. She made a couple of notes on her note pad, just things that struck her as odd about this situation. She also looked over the notes from the meeting and decided that it might be better to look back at training records for the last year, rather than the five months that she had initially written down.  

She took a sip of the coffee and pulled a face and turned to the sink and dumped it out. There was no saving it. She set about making another pot of fresh coffee, she figured that the team was going to need it, they had a long day ahead of them. As the new coffee began brewing, Hannah put her cup under the drip and got a new cup and returned the decanter to catch the rest of the pot and again doctored the coffee with cream and sugar and headed back to the conference room to make some additional notes. Things that she would bring up to Roe as potential questions that probably should have been asked when they initially talked with the recruits but weren’t.

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