Eject! Eject!

10 MAY 24, 0200
TRACEN Cape May, NJ – CGPD Station, CGIS Resident Agent Office

At the conclusion of the meeting and giving out the new assignments for the team members Roe stepped into the corridor and rubbed his temples. He’d asked Belton for a few minutes alone in the office where he knew Reeve whose temper was likely rapidly increase as she waited was sitting. He took a deep breath and entered the room shutting the door behind him.

“Tell me, calmly, about your interview with Brakus,” he said, curious to what she had to say about her side of the story.

“I wanted to express how serious it was and that he could face charges as well, so I laid it out for him directly. Suddenly she just cut me off and took over. Took a very soft side and she said I would take lead.”

“What charges were you going to apply to him?” Roe asked, almost as if he were going with her side of the story.

“At least conduct unbecoming, he didn’t report a medical concern, and what if he helped, conspiracy.” She really had no clue if anything would fit, but maybe they could have used that to flip him. “It’s how you build cases, flip the lower level to get to the ringleader.”

“Why would the medical concern be on a recruit and not on the cadre?” Roe asked, confused. “And what do you think we are actually investigating here?” He added, stepping out of the method he’d intended to play this.

“We are investigating a missing member of our service who potentially may harm or kill themselves. Yes, going AWOL is against the law, and yes if it was done knowingly and without mental illness would be prosecuted… but you were interviewing a witness not a suspect and you endangered this investigation,” he said, his voice bordering on losing its normal calm tone.

She paused, “Look, I took a risk, I was a Naval Aviator we are trained to take risks and my gut told me that would work. and I sure don’t appreciate getting lectured over it from my partner.”

“You are not a naval aviator anymore you are a rookie investigator who is on their literal first couple days on the job. Your team members are not your partners they are your training officers and I am the supervisor,” Roe said, flatly. “Who you are, what you did, none of that matters… what matters is your behavior here. Quite frankly I think you are too immature for this unit and likely for this agency.”

“If you think that way I guess I should pack.” She responded stiffly.

“You should, you’re to report to the Special Agent-in-Charge, Commander Ruiz-Thorpe at the office by no later than 11:00 tomorrow morning. You should text me updates on your status when you depart Cape May and when you arrive in Virginia. The SAC will let me know the plan once you’ve met but your will be assigned a new unit. I would suggest taking time to reflect on your fit in this agency or within law enforcement.”

There was silence as his words sunk in, with a silent huff, Reeves walked out and headed out to her vehicle to begin her long drive back.

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