Going Up

3 MAY 2024, 0744
Elizabeth Friedman Law Enforcement Building, USCG Base Portsmouth, VA

It was fifteen minutes prior to the start of the official workday. And he had about half an hour before the first team’s morning meeting. He had a pretty successful morning so far gaining access to his official building identification which was to be worn at all times inside of the building in addition to his shield. It provided key card access to the elevators from the lobby, the office suite his team was assigned, and various other spaces in the facility. As a supervisor, he had some extra access such as training rooms, the auditorium, and the like. When he visited IT he was told to submit a support ticket and to email the nice IT3 he met and he’d get right on setting up his new access. He also walked out with a brand new official phone.

Each agent within the CGIS was issued an iPhone that had apps required to carry out their duties, access to official email, access to the dispatch software that tracked the location of agents and required them to make regular updates that they were okay before it notified fellow team members and supervisors that they didn’t report normal operations. They also had to use this phone and this phone solely for all official business as it was able to be subpoenaed as part of any court proceedings.

New phone in the box tucked under his left arm, coffee cup in left hand, right hand as he’d been trained his entire career to be free first for saluting and then for his weapon as he moved into law enforcement. He hit the elevator button which stopped almost immediately and joined an agent already on the elevator.

“Good morning,” he said, with a nod, seeing that third deck was already selected he stepped to the back corner opposite the other occupant.

Angelica had ducked in from the first floor, she had dropped off her box over the weekend so she had both her phones, personal and work, on her belt next to her gun, badge, and handcuffs, luckily it was less than the belt she wore as a patrol officer When the doors opened she had the usual morning coffee, everything else in a backpack, and responded to the man she had yet to meet, “Good morning.” Then she moved to one side to give him room and asked, “What floor?”

“Three,” he said, “I see you’re going there too,” he said, surveying the woman who also already had her building ID. He gave it a glance not recognizing the name as he had yet to get a list of team members but she obviously was an agent like himself. “Kevin Roe, nice to meet you,” he said, extending his free hand.

“Angelica Passolini.” She took his larger hand in her smaller, “I just got assigned here to the Regional Response team.” Then she put the name together with the face, “I guess you’re the boss?”

“Team three?” he asked, as they were the third to be stood up in the region with its combination of Chesapeake and Capital together.

“Yes sir,” she responded.

“Well, I am in fact the team leader,” he said. “Have you been here at this office before?” he asked, as the elevator came to a stop on the third floor. He had yet to see the office as he didn’t have access to the door until he acquired his ID to open the door. “I wonder why they don’t use CAC access for this,” he pointed out. “That’s what they do at Coast Guard Headquarters,” he pointed out. “Lead the way,” he told her, taking a sip of his coffee.

As they passed through the corridor they passed a small suite that appeared vacant, a bathroom for both males and females, a large suite across from their own seeing the numbers 303 the door Kevin became excited.

Using her ID to access the office she pushed in the door and set her coffee on her desk which still had a box on her chair, then she draped her jacket over the back. “Home sweet home.” she chuckled, more coffee in the break room, she took out a coffee cup with the patch of her old department Albuquerque Police Department, “So if you want I can get some rolling for the next folks that come in.”

“Perfect,” he said. “I’m going to push the meeting back to eight-thirty because of my late start and my access issues. Let me find my desk and get situated, pass the word?” he said, he could hear others already at their cubicles he could see some were vacant and some had name plates. He looked around from the spot at the cubicle that he followed her to and then saw an office door that had a name plate already on it. He assumed that it must be his office and wondered what the name plate said as it was too far off to read from here.

She pointed over to the office, “It’s right over there next to the conference room.” While normally she’d have some comment but until she knew the boss’s sense of humor, she would not cut loose.

“Thanks,” he said, with a nod. “Listen up,” he yelled, as he walked toward his office. “Team meeting is at eight-thirty instead of eight-fifteen!” he called, and headed toward his office pulling the key he was given and unlocking the door. This was all his.

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