Heads Up

10 MAY 24, 00:45
TRACEN Cape May, NJ – CGPD Station, CGIS Resident Agent Office

Kevin pulled Angelica into the office he was sharing with Belton in the police station and shut the door, he motioned her into Belton’s chair, before he took his own. He logged into his computer by sliding in his CAC and putting in his pin number.

Getting pulled in to the boss’ office was never a good thing, usually it involved someone did something wrong and it was probably her, so she always had a small bit of tension.

“Give me a minute,” he said, before he sent out all of the information he had on the case to the entire team. This would give them all the access that Lamar had assumed they’d already had.

“Sorry about that,” he said. “I wanted to give you a heads up about the trainee. To recap just because I can’t remember what was discussed she was a fighter pilot in the Navy went and became a cop and decided to join CGIS. She doesn’t like that she’s a trainee and this is literally hours into her second day. I’m going to lobby her removal from the team when I can get some time to talk to the SAC… but in the meantime she’s your problem,” Kevin said, apologetically.

There was a silent sigh of relief, it wasn’t her, but the rookie, who did have an attitude, but she had learned the biggest egos went from fighter pilots, to special forces to SWAT cops, one ex boyfriend had the combination of special operations and SWAT, made for a huge ego and was the reason she strongly disliked being called ‘Angel’ by anyone who wasn’t an elderly relative.  

“Oh…well, I don’t mind, I’ve had to deal with egos before, besides getting our missing person is higher priority.” As much as she felt a few Top Gun quotes would fit, this might not be the best time for levity.

“Alright,” Roe said. “If there are any problems call or text.”

“Yes sir.” She nodded and headed out to look for the errant probie.

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