Holiday Road

5 MAY 24
Traveling to TRACEN Cape May, NJ

As was her habit she talked to herself as she finished the last steps of packing. It was how she confirmed everything, She got it from her father, who did the same thing. She was checking her suitcase and hanging bag to make sure she had everything.

“Suit, check, jacket, pants, shoes, gym shoes, ok good.” She also threw in her toiletries together then packing the kit.

Normally Charlie would be bouncing around, knowing they had a car ride, but he was over at Circe’s place probably being spoiled rotten.  

The jacket she wore over last night was in a bag stuck in the closet, she’d have to get that dry cleaned when she got back, then she zipped up her second case and checked her gun and badge clipped to her belt,  

The first bag she hauled out was her clothing, not much but it included sleep, exercise and work clothing, which added up, even allowing for laundry runs during the month she was gone. 

One free piece of advice she got from her Uncle was to bring your own sheets and pillows, the issued stuff is crap, so she had gotten everything she needed and was putting the final bags in her car when she felt a bump on her leg. She looked down to see a small boy riding a big wheel.

He looked at her then spoke up, “where are you going?”

“On a trip for work.”


“Because my boss said we needed to.”

“Are you going to Disney World?”

“No.” She shook her head, “It’s not Disney.”

The small boy paused, then said, “You should go to Disney World, it’s more fun.” Then he rode off, making Angelica shake her head with a slight smile. Kids always say the funniest things from time to time.

Once the last bag was packed she checked out the car, confirmed the fuel card, and plugged in her phone for music.  

She pulled out of her driveway and headed for the interstate.

3 hours into the drive, she had to fill the tank and take care of other things as nature demanded. So there was a gas station in Pennsylvania. SHe first added fuel to her car then headed into the store.

Arriving at Cape May, it was a small town that seemed to have it’s charmed, even though many businesses were still set for removing young recruits on liberty from their funds, as were most towns near military bases. There were areas away from the massed crowds where she could recharge.

She had checked in at the front desk and was issued sheets, blankets and everything, those went into the closet, and were swapped with the sheets she picked up, along with new pillows and a blanket. In her mind sleep was serious business.

The rest of the day was set for setting up office and the essentials of the kitchenette.

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