Important Advice

3 MAY 2024, 11:45
Elizabeth Friedman Law Enforcement Building

“Thank you for seeing me ma’am,” Kevin said, as he entered the office of Lieutenant Thora Newman. She was a lawyer from the Coast Guard Judge Advocate General Corps. who was assigned to the CGIS region as a legal advisor to the personnel there. There was another more senior lawyer but he was going to try whoever he could see first. It was important to him as was the connection in the lab to make a good impression and develop a good relationship with the JAG personnel they had access to help make their cases stick.

“I’m Kevin Roe the Supervisory Special Agent of the new regional response team,” he said, by way of introduction. “I wanted to introduce myself as I hope to avail myself and my team of your expertise, ma’am.”

“Mr. Roe, pleased to meet you,” She said as he came in and introduced himself. She had been sitting when he entered and came to her feet while he was speaking. She seemed to tower over her desk, standing at 6′ 3″ and wearing heels on top of that. “I am Lieutenant Thora Newman. Sorry, you couldn’t meet with the Commander, he is out of the office till next week.” 

Thora motioned toward the seat in front of her desk as she returned to her own seat. “I hope that our office is able to help you and that you, us.” 

“How are you settling in?” She queried.

“Too soon to tell, ma’am,” Kevin responded, taking the offered seat. He was still a bit surprised by the woman’s height. It wasn’t often people made him feel short being 6’1” himself. “I just arrived to town yesterday and got here today until about an hour ago I didn’t even have computer access,” he shrugged. “Couldn’t get away from my last assignment. But anyway I’m not disappointed about not meeting with the Commander I’m glad I could meet with you or them. I find a relationship between my team and the legal advisors to be very important.”

“Well, in that case, welcome to the team.” She replied with a warm smile. “Likewise when it comes to relations between our investigative and judicial teams. We must work hand in hand to ensure we have a solid case and are following all the guidelines laid out.”

“I know you are just settling in, but I would enjoy some time to meet with your team. Discuss how we work together and the services our office has available.” 

“We are going to be leaving for a month or so on assignment but we can certainly set that up when return. Unless you want to schedule some time on a video conference?” Kevin suggested.

“I guess we will have to make that work,” Thora said as she jotted down a quick note to herself. This was gonna mean getting a small presentation together. As she looked up from her note she cleared her throat lightly, “Seems like Commander Ruiz-Thorpe moves fast when it comes to covering assignments. First day in and already assigned a month-long assignment. Where are you headed?” 

“TRACEN Cape May,” he responded. “And I think it was just convenient with us showing up and not being on the on-call list as it was. Someone fucked up, excuse me someone made a mistake, ma’am, and left the Resident Office there without any personnel so we have to fill in while they fix it.”

“Someone always has to,” She replied with a chuckle. She knew the sentiment of fuck-ups happening and others having to deal with the aftermath. She had seen and heard of plenty throughout her own life. Hell, it happened to her many times on the basketball court. “Well, hopefully, it is a shorter assignment and you can get back here and truly settled in.” 

“Would be nice ma’am,” he nodded. “I just got in yesterday and saw my apartment for the first time. Nice place though,” he said.

“Well, at least you got some time to see it,” She replied. “Is there anything else you wanted to discuss?”

“No ma’am, once I have an idea of what our plans are I will shoot you an email on some possible times for that meeting?” he suggested.

“That works,” She said standing from her seat and extending her hand to Mr. Roe. 

She watched as he left the office and then sat down to send an email to their yeoman to start working on a quick presentation for the call.

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