Important Connections

3 MAY 24, 11:00
Elizabeth Friedman Law Enforcement Building, Forensics Laboratory

With his computer access finally arranged, following up on some emails, and getting his team working on preparations for their first assignment it was time for Kevin to reach out to some important players at the Regional Headquarters. He had made his way down to the first sub-level of the building and walked off the elevator. He walked down the corridor and stopped outside of a glass door labeled “Restricted Access” and underneath that “Forensic Science Center”. He saw to the right of the door was a call bell, with a camera, and an identification pad so he tried his ID card first which granted him access. The doors which apparently were automatic sliding glass doors parted.

Roe walked through the doors and saw that the reception desk was empty and so he proceeded to the door just to the right of the windowed desk and used his ID card again. The ability to bypass this door was due only to his position as a Supervisory Special Agent and other team members would not have access past the lobby of forensics without a forensics department team member granting them access.

It was surprisingly quiet in the lab though he could see through another set of glass doors that a conference room was full. He approached the only person, wearing lab attire, who was not actually in what appeared to be a rather boring meet. “Excuse me,” Kevin said. “I was looking to see one of the forensic scientists.”

“That’d be me.”, Cirice said with a warm smile and a hint of a drawl. She’d arrived earlier, just done the basics of her setting up in her new office. Her certifications and degrees were framed and hung along with a rather sassy looking jackalope mounted on the wall. “How can I help you?”, she asked.

“Today’s my first day, I’m starting up a new major crimes team for the region and I wanted to make a connection down here in the lab. Our relationship is critical and I can appreciate a direct link between our two teams… and of course, I am happy to scratch your back if you scratch mine,” he said, matter of factly.

“Straight shooter, I like that.”, Cirice said, still smiling, “All I ask is the evidence is bagged according to protocol, and everything’s labeled legible and I’ll dig up every scrap of information possible.”

“Well that should be an easy deal to make,” Roe said. “The only way I’d tolerate my team doing their jobs. I also prefer the direct way when it comes to things. I think we’ll make a good team,” he said, with a smile. He pulled out a business card from his pocket and handed it over to her. “Feel free to text, call, or email anytime.”

“The legible handwriting’s a bigger than you think one.”, Cirice said as she took his card and looked at it, “Will do.”

“Not sure I can promise anything with that one, mine is horrible,” he said. “I’ll be sure to practice,” he joked. “Good meeting you, I’m Kevin,” he said, realizing he’d never said. 

“Cirice.”, she said with a smile.

“A pleasure,” Kevin said.

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