Just a Little Drive

5 MAY 2024
Traveling to TRACEN Cape May, NJ

Hannah was on the road by 0700 as planned. She took a long drink from her travel mug full of coffee. The car she had pulled was a Ford Escort. It had a decent sound system and she plugged in her iPod and turned on music and started jamming out as she drove.

The route she chose was going to take about 6 hours and she planned several stops along the way. She wanted to make sure that she arrived at the housing complex in plenty of time to get to a store if needed. She knew that they had most of the items that she needed but there were some creature comforts that she wanted and hadn’t had time to get or that she had forgotten.

She had done some research on Cape May the previous evening, discovering several things she wanted to check out while she was there and maybe, if it caught her interest enough to bring the family for a vacation.

Hannah arrived in Cape May about 1 pm, found the housing office, checked in, collected the bedding and headed to her quarters to unpack. With that task completed, she headed out to explore and find food.

Her first impressions of Cape May were quaint little seaside town. She could only imagine the unique shops that were to be explored. Finding a parking spot downtown, she started walking…best way to learn a new place.

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