Lunch and a Car

3 May 2021, 13:05
Team Office, Break Room

Kevin had returned finally from fleet services which was really becoming a pain in the ass having to wait all day for their team to be assigned vehicles. He had gone out in his own vehicle for a bit to set it up, grab some lunch for the team, and then bring back the team. He had told the Yeoman to summon everyone to the break room in ten minutes, approximately ten minutes ago now, as he finished arranging the items.

On the counter was a platter of various sandwiches, bags of chips, apples, and the like from the local Panera Bread. Next to the lunch was a box of joe from the local Dunkin’ which happened to be located next door and made his stop very convenient. And then next to that he had a few cases of various flavors of canned soda. he’d purchased for the office as well. Kevin leaned against the counter with the keys he’d gather from fleet services now tossed into a bag, except his own, to give out randomly to his team. He glanced at his personal cell phone for a moment and returned a text as he waited for the team.

The elevator door opened and Angelica walked out, she had received the meeting information. Her keen senses noticed the food. “Whoever brought food is my new best friend.” She joked as she headed to grab her coffee cup.

Bryce waltzed out of the conference room a few minutes later, having been busy with paperwork. As he wandered over, he grabbed a cup of coffee and took a sip. “Hmmm, strong and black. Made how coffee should be.” He then grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich before grabbing a seat. He then looked over at Angelica, “So, Special Agent Passolini I presume?”

“You presume correct.” She poured the coffee from the box and grabbed a roast beef sandwich and a bag of chips.

“Lunch is on me,” Kevin said, walking over to the two. He didn’t say anything to Bryce who seemingly ignored his existence when retrieving his coffee. He shook up the bag and then pulled out a set of keys and tossed them on the table in front of Passolini and then did it again and tossed a set to Grey. “Tag has the description and license plate they’re yours for the trip.”

Passolini picked up the keys and looked at the Unit number and license plate. She’d check it out and get it set for her comfort after this meeting.  

Grey picked up the keys and had a look at them. “Thanks, boss! I’ll have a look later.”

At the sound of gathering voices, Buzz leaned back in his chair and cast his gaze from his phone to the lunch gathering. He returned the text to his wife, pocketed said phone, and strolled casually over to lean against the wall at the break room entrance closest to his desk. “Did I hear the magic words – free lunch?” He asked, raising an eyebrow as he noted the large selection of foodstuffs.

Kamea entered the Break Room, tucking her phone back into her pocket after a promising call to the dealership. She looked around, spotted the food, and headed straight for it. A quick hunt revealed Caprese which was basically basil-white bean pesto, sliced fresh mozzarella, parmesan, arugula, smoked tomato confit, fresh basil, and balsamic glaze toasted on Black Pepper Focaccia. She knew all of this because one of the agents was a self-avowed foodie and he would go on and on about those things. Still, she knew it to be good; too much for one meal but good. She grabbed one and a bottle of water then headed toward the table to sit. 

“Free lunch it is,” Kevin said. “I come bearing car keys as well,” he said, shaking up his bag and making a tossing motion with the set of keys he pulled out. When Buzz was ready he tossed him a set and then walked toward Kamea, “and for you.”

“Awesome!” Noted Bradley with an understated but sincere happiness. He caught the boss’ eye and reached up for a one-handed catch on the keys, then grabbed whatever was the nearest sandwich and packet of chips. It didn’t really matter what was in it, he appreciated the gesture and the calories. 

“Thanks,” Kamea said as she caught the keys and slid them into her pocket. On the long list of things to do today was securing a parking spot so that after work, she could head on over to the dealership and pick up her private vehicle, secure in the knowledge that there would be someplace safe to put it while she was out of town … for a month.

“If anyone needs help shuttling around their personal vehicles home, I could use a ride too,” Roe said. “I’m authorizing take home until we return,” he said. 

“I’ll trade a ride for a shuttle around,” Buzz offered. “Thank ya kindly, sir,” he said, leaning against the counter beside Kevin to unwrap his chosen sandwich and take a bite. Chicken and bacon salad – a good result. “And much ‘ppreciated on the take home Ford.”

Bryce himself was currently without a car since it was rather difficult to get them shipped to Chesapeake from Saipan. So a work car would be nice, and hopefully new. He was given an old one back in Saipan and it wasn’t even close to useable. “Food’s much appreciated. A good meal never goes awry.”

“No problem guys, happy to do it,” Kevin said. “Buzz if you want we can head to your place first then mine,” he suggested.

“Sure thing,” replied Buzz in between mouthfuls of bread and meat. “Mine’s not far, just no one else about right now. Where you at?” 

“On the river near the Navy Medical Center,” he said, “about a twenty-minute drive from here.”

The team sat down, ate, drank their coffee and soft drinks as they preferred. They discussed plans to get each other their official vehicles and their personal ones home. Those who had spent any time at Cape May which included boot camp for two of them present reminisced a bit. Buying lunch had been more than worth it in Kevin’s estimation.

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