Meanwhile on the Homefront

7 MAY 24, Afternoon
Belton Residence

Evan was pacing the floor patting Bethany on the back to calm her down. Elisa was sitting in her high chair playing with her food and Nicholas was eating his lunch. Evan bounced her up and down, patted her on the back and hummed to his youngest daughter. He knew that she was teething and as he walked, he looked at the bottle of drops that he had gotten when he went to the store on his way home from work. She couldn’t have any more for another hour or two.  

Going to the freezer, he found one of the teethers frozen and gave that to her, she chewed on it briefly and then started wailing again, rubbing her eyes and tugging on her ears. Evan found a pacifier on the counter and offered that, which finally seemed to calm Bethany down, she still hiccupped but she had stopped crying. He felt her finally relax and her breathing even out as she finally fell asleep. Taking a chance he laid her down in the pack n play in the dining room so that he could finish feeding Elisa. Standing motionless for 30 seconds to make sure she stayed asleep he went back to the table and finished feeding Elisa.  

Nicholas hopped down “I’m done daddy. Can I play in the back yard with Roxie?” He asked hoping that he could take his puppy outside to romp around in the back yard. Evan nodded “Take your plate to the sink and get Roxie out of the crate.” He said as he moved to open the sliding glass door “Remember stay out of Mommy’s flowers.” He said as the two bounded out of the house, puppy nipping at Nic’s heels. He turned back to Elisa “Let’s get you cleaned up and ready for a nap.” He said gently picking the baby up from the high chair “You made a mess with lunch didn’t you.” He said kissing his daughter’s forehead and wondering just how she had managed to get cheese on the top of her head.  

With the twins napping, Nic outside playing, Evan finally sat down to eat his own lunch. He kept an eye on the 5 year old as they played. He glanced at the clock and realized that he would need to go to the dry cleaners before 5 to pick up uniforms. Hannah’s sister should be home about 4:30 and she could watch the kids. He planned on bringing home pizza for everyone to eat for dinner.  

Walking into the living room, Evan managed to get the toys and things picked up and put away before Nic came in and asked for a drink of water and asked if Roxie could lay in his room with him. Evan agreed, Roxie was a good dog and she was Nic’s puppy.  

Just as he was about to sit down and watch some television, Bethany woke up crying, he hurried to get her before she woke up Elisa. He carried the baby into the den and sat down in a recliner and laid her on his chest while he caught up on the news.  

He didn’t know how Hannah managed to keep everything under control. She was just as busy as he was if not more so and she tried to make sure that everything was squared away before she left. But he was exhausted. As he sat there listening to the even breathing of Bethany, he dozed off….

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