Meet the New Boss

3 MAY 2024, 10:00
Elizabeth Friedman Law Enforcement Building, INV3 Roe’s Office

Her meeting was scheduled for 10am, so she was ready at 10 am, part of how she was taught, both growing up, and in the Army.

She still had her coffee cup, She was used to coffee in meetings, but this new guy he was military, so she wasn’t sure. Better to be safe then sorry and put the cup on her desk. better to nuke it later rather then risk trouble. She stopped at the door to his office and knocked.

The Coast Guard ran on coffee and mostly Roe’s issue with coffee today was that his cup seemed to always be empty. His mug sat prominently on his desk it was from MRST East which was evidenced by the unit’s patch on one side of the mug and a Chief Petty Officer’s insignia on the other. In true Coast Guard tradition, the mug was never washed and while the outside was mostly white still the inside was stained black like the coffee he drank.

“Enter,” Roe said, looking up from an email he was replying to.

“Ah, Passolini, what’s up?” he asked. He switched programs and pulled her file up, “excuse my eyes for a moment and have a seat,” he said, browsing through her profile.

“Of course,” then she sat down and waited for the first questions.

He read quickly and then closed that program and went back to the email and sent it off.

“Sorry about that,” Kevin said, looking back to her. “So tell me about yourself…” he said, though having some questions for her already.

“Well…” she paused, “I grew up in Albuquerque NM, joined the Army out of High School where I was an engineer, spent time with the 7th cavalry at Fort Riley, Afghanistan, 2 tours and finished out at Fort Polk Louisiana, came back home joined APD, and then after my degree CGIS, Did my probationary period in the Milwaukee Residential office, and now I’m here.”

“So why are you a civilian?” Roe asked, finally, the question he’d had in his mind since browsing her brief history.

She was about to respond, then she paused and thought, “I honestly never thought of it, I got out E-4, Specialist, when I was hired I thought I’d be a GS civilian, but, I never thought about why I would change.”

“Honestly, you’d take a pay cut for now,” he said. “At this point with already being an agent and the experience in your current job I’d imagine you could get back in as an E5 and when the next round of solicitation goes out you could probably put your Warrant Officer papers in but once you get back up in rank and years in service you’ll likely make more than you could as a civilian unless of course, you move up to Supervisory Special Agent or higher.”

At first, her mind rebelled at, less money at first, her dad had always made the point of any move you make should be upward. ‘never take a pay cut’ he would say. Then she thought of her uncle and his stories of the rescues he had been part of, the friends he made, and realized, he never thought of money. “I’d need to think about it, talk to my uncle….” She paused then explained, “He’s a retired Master Chief Bosun’s mate last assignment was in Alaska.”

“I always wanted a chance to get up to Kodiak but it never worked out,” Roe said. “I started out as a Rescue Swimmer… but I messed up my shoulder so in order to be sure my career in the Coast Guard didn’t die with another injury I went into the law enforcement side of things. Ended up spending a lot more time in the Middle East and California than I ever wanted to,” he said, honestly. “The Coast Guard is hands down the best branch of the military and the only one that truly serves its nation peace, war, or otherwise. Talk to the Master Chief,” he advised.

“I will.” At this point he had piqued her interest, in the end, supervisory didn’t really excite her like some of her peers, who talked about running offices, she was more about the investigation getting her hands dirty. 

“Good,” he said. “Any career goals of your own you want to talk about?” he asked, knowing he’d given her quite a lot to think about.

She paused again, “At this point I have a lot to think about.” If she started thinking more seriously on this, then she would ask about the next steps. 

“I’m sure this wasn’t how you expected our first meeting to go,” Kevin said, honestly. “But I like to keep my people’s careers moving forward and helping them see the options,” he explained.

That got a grateful smile out of her, “thank you, I appreciate the options.”

“Anytime, why don’t you get back to more important things. If you need anything you know how to find me,” Kevin said, standing back up and grabbing his mug. “Refill time.”

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