25 APR 2024
Residence of Special Agent Pasolini, Portsmouth, Virginia

She had been settled into the small house she was able to afford, it had a good-sized yard, which Charlie approved of greatly, even if she did have to worry she’d lose the security deposit as he dug in the yard and the fresh-ish sod. Most of her stuff was still in boxes, she had unpacked her bedroom, and was starting on the living room

Charlie just loved the birds, they were his new best friends, so were those nice squirrels who he delighted in chasing around the yard and barked at them in the trees where they chittered angrily down at him. Today she was going to take Charlie for a walk then find a vet so he could get a checkup and his shots. Right now he was watching the door and when she opened the door to get some air, Charlie decided he wanted to see the front yard, a particularly interesting smell was there and he ran out.

“Charlie!” Angelica was out the door right behind her dog who leapt the shrub separating her half of the house from her neighbor’s and he ran over and started rolling on the grass luxuriating in the scents.

Cirice had just finished the bulk of her unpacking and stepped out for a cig break on her front stoop. The neighborhood was nice, yard good size for barbecuing. A few paychecks down the road and getting a smoker would definitely be in order. She sat down, her cat joining her when she saw a happy dog bound over the bushes. While Cirice didn’t react at first, her cat did. Deciding this free-roaming canid was clearly trespassing on his domicile, he launched like a sleek black-furred missile and began slapping the dog.

“TITS!”, Cirice yelled as she went to grab her cat.

Charlie at first barked his outrage then decided, this weird hobbit looking furred creature wanted to play, so he bowed down barked then bopped the cat on the head with a paw then licked the furry creature allowing Angelica to catch up to the dog. She grabbed Charlie’s collar to put a leash on. She was not dressed too set for outdoors, everything was covered but her t-shirt which was one of her old narcotics t-shirts which had the Albuquerque Police patch next to the sheriff’s office, and the State Police around a New Mexico flag with the phrase joint drug task force. “Don’t run off like that again loco, you could have been hurt.”

Cirice scooped up her cat who was trying to noodle his way out while trying to kick the dog with a hindfoot. She was midway through her apologies when she noticed the other woman’s shirt. “Burqueno?”

“Yeah, spent 5 years on APD too. You?” There was something about what she had said and how she pronounced it, she had to be from her old stomping ground.

“Originally from up around Cimarron, but I was down in ‘Burque for a time.”, Cirice said.

“Cimarron, I had an ex take me up there for some touristy stuff. Some B&B run by old hippies….” With that Charlie sick of being ignored jumped on the new lady and barked trying to nuzzle her chin to say ‘I’m here too’

Tits did not appreciate the dog’s attention-seeking and tried to push him away with his hind legs, honking his outrage. “Be nice.”, Cirice said to the cat, “They’re neighbors.”

“I am so sorry.” She moved the dog down and glared at him till he sat. “Charlie can be a hugger” She then extended her hand, “Angelica Passolini.”

“Cirice Meliora.”, she said as she returned the handshake, “I don’t mind the hugging, but Tits here’s used to wrassling with the dogs back home and running with the pack on a coyote hunt.”

The name had a slight blink, though her brother had a pet cat named Kitty Del Gato so she let it pass, “Sounds like a tough kitty.

“He is.”, Cirice said, “Used to belong to an ex, but cat decided he liked me better.”

“Well, it makes sense, my ex suggested we get a dog, he cheated I chucked him out and still got the dog. “ she gave charlie a head rub, “I’ve just been moving in, Humidity sucks.”

“I was expecting it, but not this heavy muggy mess.”, Cirice said, “I already have a dehumidifier going in my place.”

“I spent a year in Milwaukee before being transferred.” Seeing the confused look she explained, “I work for the Coast Guard Investigative Service.”  

“So do I, I’m the new forensics lab monkey.”

Angelica looked at her with a smile, “No tail, but Forensic lab monkeys helped me make a good auto theft case back in the ABQ.”

“I probably worked on some of your cases.”, Cirice said as she gave a fierce glare to the still struggling Tits who finally got the hint and drooped in her arms in a sour faced manner.

Angelica gave Tits a nice head scratch, then chuckled, “DNA off a screwdriver, which turned out to be linked to 4 auto thefts. Kid turned on his boss, Boss is doing 20 in Santa Fe.”

“Sounds like one of mine.”, Cirice said, “I did a lot of tests on break in equipment.”

“It was pretty popular back home.”

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