Philly or Bust

Traveling from Cape May, NJ to Philadelphia, PA

Kevin and Buzz had set out after Kevin had gone back to his quarters to get ready for the trip. Buzz transferred his equipment from his vehicle into Kevin’s and after a quick stop at the Wawa outside the gates the pair were off and bound for Philadelphia traveling down the left lane of the highway with the emergency lights flashing.

“I really hope the family will give us something that will spark some leads,” Kevin said, as he sipped from the extra large black coffee in the styrofoam cup.

Sound of the road, the familiar colored lights reaching out about them into the night and a Dr Pepper in one hand like a comfy sippy cup, Buzz exhaled softly and leant back in his seat. It was always a mixture of relaxation versus a need to be doing something when someone else drove, but he took the chance to simply think and chat as a bonus. He sipped the soda before offering up a reply.

“Family tend to just make things more complicated,” Buzz said with a wry expression. “But yeah hoping we can drag some useful info outta them too. Quick look about a house and you can usually tell how much folks care about their kids. Should give us an idea of where we’re starting at.”

“Either they’re in on it or they’re concerned and will give us what we need to know, it’s really the only two options I see. But then, that’s the optimist in me coming out,” he said, sarcastically. He knew there were other options and maybe they’d be concerned and not tell them anything out of trust or the worry he’d be arrested or something.

“Optimism is never a bad thing, right?” Buzz half-joked. Seriously, he’d be happy just to know the kid was alive, but that remained to be seen. Worst case scenario was always lurking there in his mind’s eye though, past experience a great and unfair teacher. 

“We need to make sure this is approached as us being looking to save him not prosecute him,” Roe said. Until the issues with Reeves he would have never felt the need to make that clear but now he wasn’t sure. 

“Agreed,” noted Buzz, a little surprised at the pep talk comment, but then he and Roe didn’t know each other that well yet. “For the record,” he continued, “I’m more of a de-escalate conflict kinda guy. Not looking to start any combat we don’t need – verbal or otherwise, boss.” Then, Buzz added, in case there was any doubt. “Just wanna find this kid, for us and his folks.”

“Yes, well that isn’t a stance we could get across to our probie and why she is driving back to Virginia. I don’t think she is long for this organization,” he said, simply.

Buzz grinned. Not out of any need to mock or cajole with any seriousness, but also from hearing this for the second time. Angie hadn’t fared well with their Top Gun colleague either, and from everything Bradley had seen so far, Passolini was a voice of calm and reason. 

“I guess when you’re Maverick for a dayjob,” Buzz noted, in good humour. “Talking to folks who don’t want to help is a really tough gig?” He looked from the road ahead across to Kevin. The questions that followed were coloured with a gentle humour. “How – why – does someone switch from fast jets to criminal investigation anyway? Seems an odd kinda choice… Can you get bored of being an elite fighter pilot?” 

“I think her problem is running away from problems,” Roe said. “But I think we should just leave it as she’s no longer part of our team.”

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