3 MAY 2024, 09:00
Elizabeth Friedman Law Enforcement Building, INV3 Roe’s Office

“Alright, a couple of things to go over but I felt like offline from the rest of the team would work better,” Kevin said, legal pad, pen, coffee mug in hand as he entered his office with the yeoman in tow. “Grab a seat,” he said, as he moved around to sit at his desk and finishing off his coffee in a long pull before placing the mug down to the side.

Hannah took a seat across from Roe and pulled out her own legal pad and pen that seemed to magically appear from the bun on top of her head.  

He entered his pin code into his computer to unlock the screen and check his email inbox as the Yeoman settled into her chair, “so first thing first,” he ordered. “I will handle dealing with the fleet maintenance shop today but as I said in the meeting I need you to handle quarters for everyone up in Cape May.”

Hannah nodded “Number one on my list of to do today.” She said “I hope to have that arranged before lunch. We’ll see if HQ cooperates with that goal.” She said with a small chuckle.  

“Are you qualified with a handgun?” he asked, curiously.

Hannah nodded “I am. I just rectified about two months ago.” She kept up her certification religiously and on weekends, she and her husband would go to the gun range to practice.  

“Fantastic,” Kevin said. “Would you like to join us on the field assignment in Cape May or would you prefer to stay here?” he asked. “I don’t mind our non-shielded Coasties lending a hand in the field.”

Hannah thought for a moment “Go to Cape May. The kids are good with their dad and he’s used to me being gone for periods of time on assignments.” She said “That’s what facetime is for.” She said with a smile. “Eventually, I would like to become an agent…but for now I’m happy to keep the unit running smoothly behind the scenes.” 

“Well, we can certainly work on helping you accomplish that goal. You should be eligible at your current rank to submit papers for Warrant Officer,” he said. Her being approved to go to WOCS would be the only avenue for her to go that route while on Active Duty but it was also the hardest. Active Duty CGIS was the minority among the employees of the agency.

“Get yourself set up with quarters for the trip and see if you can get yourself something out of the motor pool or if you need a rental,” he said. “Bring me anything I need to sign to make it happen.”

Hannah nodded “Yes sir.” She said and left Kevin to his duties.

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