Take me Down to the Armory

3 MAy 2021
Elizabeth Friedman Law Enforcement Building, Armory

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot and days of auld lang syne?” Bryce sang quitely, his rough voice being heard above the silence of the armoury, as he waited for them to issue his rifle and shotgun. The Gunners Mate behind the desk slide a M4A1 Mk 18 Assault rifle across the desk, before placing a Remington 870 shotgun next to it. “Both are ready chief,” stated the GM in an Irish brogue, “.223 with an adjustable stock, an EOTech red dot sight along with mounting for a flashlight. It uses 30 round magazines and is capable of 3 round burst fire as well as semiautomatic. The Shotgun on the other hand, 12 gauge pump action with a ghost ring sight system and a mounting for an under-barrel lighting system. You sure you can handle these?” Bryce would let a little laugh at this. “Sure hope so gunner.” Bryce had been raised around weapons since he was a child, and still owned some. A little hobby of his. He then picked up the rifle, having a look at it.

Angelica walked in to the armory soon after, first thing she wanted to do was check the longarms, it was a weird habit she had developed and it was forged with her time in Afghanistan. So she waited while the man in front of her drew his weapons.

As Bryce stood with the rifle in a combat stance, he turned around, accidently aiming at the woman behind him. He quickly lowered it before muttering an apology. “My bad. I didn’t know anyone was behind me.” He then flashed an apologetic grin.

She exhaled, “no harm no foul.” That’s when where she’d seen this guy clicked, “You work upstairs, Grey right?”

Bryce put the Rifle back on the table before responding. “Aye. Senior Special Agent Bryce Grey, at your service. Your Special Agent…Passolini right? Response Team 3?”

“Correct.” She extended her hand, “Angelica.”

He accepts it. “Nice to meet you. Just call me Bryce. So, your with our new little team huh? You heard that we’re heading to Cape May? Man I cannot wait to go. Brings back so many memories from basic training and A school. Must bring some back for you too huh?”

She chuckled, “Mine was out of Fort Leonard Wood OSUT as an engineer, Never was in the Coast Guard, my uncle retired out here runs a fishing charter. Me, I was Army, then Albuquerque Police Dept, before CGIS hired me.”

“Army Engineer then PD huh? How long have you been in CGIS for?”

“A couple years, started in the Milwaukee RA. Now I’m here.” she picked up the rifle, checked it, then picked up the shotgun and checked it over. 

“Well, it’s good to have you aboard. The more the merrier.”

“Absolutely, makes for a better funded coffee pool.”

“To that I concur. Now, I must get going. Need to drop these off at my desk, then head home to take one of my goats to the vet. Nice meeting you Angelica.”

She smiled, “Nice meeting you too.” Then the full text of what he said hit her and she turned, “I’m sorry, did you say goats?”

“Oh yeah. Two Boer Goats and four Pygmy Goats. Plus a couple of other animals. Pigs, Sheep, Ducks, the sort. One of my Pygmies, Callahan, has a minor case of Footrot. I live over in a rural area of Portsmouth.”

“Pobricito.” One thing is Angelica was a softie when it came to kids and animals, it’s how she got Charlie. She sighed, “Go get him checked out, hope it’s nothing to serious.” Then she paused, “I gotta find a vet myself, my dog needs a checkup and probably update the rabies shot.”

“Hopefully it’s just a bit of Footrot, nothing major.” He pauses as he listens.” Yeah, i need to get my dog’s vaccinated too now you mention it.”

“Hope that’s all it is. God willing.”

“Aye. I have been meaning to ask though, ever since you mentioned your ex-army. You ever considered applying to join the guard, rather then be a civvie? No offence meant. It just seems like you could pass DEPOT.”

“None taken.” She took a look at the rifle, checked a few things. then repeated the steps with the shotgun. “It’s something I’m thinking about. Right now, I’m looking at my options and what I want to do.”

“I can understand that. Now, if you would excuse me, I must be off.” He puts the rifle and shotgun into a dark green duffle bag on the table, before picking it up. “See you around?”

“You know it.”

Bryce gave a quick nod, before walking out of the room.

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