The First Meeting

3 MAY 2024, 08:30
Elizabeth Friedman Law Enforcement Building

“Thank you, everyone,” Kevin said, as he entered the conference room carrying a legal pad and a large cup of coffee. The coffee mug was white and likely fit about 16oz and on one side of the mug had the patch of Maritime Security Response Team East and the other the shoulder rank patch of a Chief Petty Officer with the Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist rating. His rank and assignment prior to becoming a CGIS agent. His mug had been given to him as a welcome gift from his Command Master Chief when he had arrived at MSRT.

He moved to the head of the conference room and looked at the team members assembled. They were not fully assembled yet with no IT specialist assigned and short on agents. He took a sip of his coffee and pulled his pen from his pocket and dropped it on top of the legal pad where he’d sat it on the table and then took his seat.

“Good morning, thank you all for being patient and giving me the extra fifteen minutes to get settled. I got in yesterday from New York on my last assignment and so I still don’t even have the correct computer access yet,” he offered. “I’m Chief Warrant Officer Three Kevin Roe and I’m the new Supervisory Special Agent. I haven’t even been able to access the team roster yet so lets start off with some introductions, please. A little background from your prior service to CGIS would be helpful as well as any special skills you bring to the table and I’ll finish off with mine.” He motioned to the team member sitting nearest him on the right.

Petty Officer 2 Hannah Belton was the administrative assistant to the unit. She had been previously assigned to CGIS in Washington State. She had transferred into this unit approximately a year earlier. She was comfortable in her role with this unit. She was soft spoken until she didn’t need to be. Organization was paramount for her. She listened as Bryce gave a run down of his service. As he called dibs on Cubical C, Hannah chuckled and made a note. She would be ordering placards for each member. She glanced around the table “I’m YN 2 Hannah Belton. I’ve been stationed here for just over a year. I’m your administrative assistant. I have previously been stationed in Washington State. I, too, look forward to working with all of you. If you need anything let me know and I’ll get the requistions done.” She said. 

Bryce leaned forward a little after hearing this, giving a small grin. “Any chance you can requisition us a Hot Drink dispenser, with coffee and tea?”. They’d had one in Saipan, and given cases could last through the night, he knew fresh brewed coffee and tea would be appreciated by all.

Hannah leaned forward as well “I’ll see what I can find.” She said with a smile as she made a note in her notebook. “I believe that would fall under unit morale.” She said conspiratorially.  

“I’m Angelica Passolini, Special Agent, I spent a year in the Milwaukee residential office, before that, Albuquerque New Mexico Police department where I worked in Auto theft and narcotics. Before that 4 years as a Combat Engineer. I’ll take Cubicle H, and now and then I will bring biscochitos.”

“I haven’t looked in the break room but perhaps we should do an inventory and make a list of things that we’d like,” Kevin said speaking up. “Yeoman why don’t you introduce yourself. As any good Coastie knows the Yeoman makes the unit go.”

Hannah smiled, “YN2 Hannah Belton. I’ve been in for just shy of seven years. I spent four years in Washington State at Station Neah Bay. I started out in the medical department as an administrative assistant. We were stationed on the Makah Tribe. Our biggest mission was public safety during the annual whaling season.” She said, “From there, I transferred to Coast Guard Station Kauai as an administrative assistant to the CGIS there, and then a year ago, I transferred to this unit.” She said, “If you need it/ want it, I can usually get it.” She said, “All I ask is that I request requisitions that you get them to me in a timely manner so that I can get your supplies as quickly as possible.” She added, “As for the inventory, I will work on that after this meeting.” She said smiling at Kevin.  

“You’re up,” Kevin said, nodding to Bradley.

“INV2 Buzz Bradley,” responded the man Kevin had addressed, and with a lazy grin he casually added. “And yes, that’s my real name, my dad’s a big NASA fan. I enlisted in the Army outta High School – six years as a Cavalry Scout, then back home, joined Charleston PD served for five years. Transferred to the USCG Reserves after I made Detective and then joined CGIS just over a year ago.” There was the shortest of pauses, followed by a lopsided smile and… “I called dibs on Cubicle J, hope that’s alright?” 

“If it’s open,” Kevin said, with a look at the Yeoman.

Hannah nodded and made another note on the schematics of the cubicals that she had printed out when she came on duty that morning “I have the schematics printed out and as each of you are saying what you want, you’re getting added. I know that one of the cubicles still needs to have the phone configured. The last person that sat there decided the phone was a coffee mug and didn’t report the issue. That is cubicle A. It will be fixed by the end of day.” She said.  

“Thank you kindly, ma’am,” added Buzz with a smart upward nod.

“Alright, well I suppose that I get to go next,” Kevin said, once the others had all introduced themselves. “My name is Kevin Roe as you know I’m the team leader I just returned yesterday from New York where I was serving on the Joint Terrorism Task Force there. My time in the CGIS has been spent in regional offices, Bahrain, and in some Resident Offices prior to me going to JTTF and returning here. Prior to CGIS I was an enlisted man I started as an AST and then transitioned after an injury to ME. My last assignment as a Chief Petty Officer before going off to WOC was with MSRT East,” he said, pausing for a moment. “Are there any questions before we get down to business?”

His resume was impressive it was not often a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer (AST) did anything else but with his injury to keep from being kicked out of the Coast Guard all together if he reinjured himself he transitioned to a Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist which he knew anyone on active duty was likely one before becoming an agent. His most impressive assignment of course as an ME would have been with the Marine Security Response Team East which was headquartered nearby and one of the two very elite counter-terrorism teams the Coast Guard had to offer. The MSRT trained with special forces from all branches of the service and was one of the hardest units to be accepted into.

Buzz gave a low whistle at this download of information then offered a energetic nod in proud respect of Roe’s career this far. “AST to MSRT? Sweet skills, sir,” he noted. “Sounds like your injury just made y’all work smarter.”

“I can’t say that for sure,” Kevin chuckled, before taking a sip of coffee and getting down to business. 

“Alright, we have our first assignment so listen up it’s going to require relocation temporarily for a month to two,” he said. “I hope everyone had a bit more time than I did to settle in if they relocated… I barely got boxes into my apartment,” he said, with a sigh.

There was a silent smile from Bradley that morphed into a grimace. Figured. And he’d promised to build the garden’s new decking this weekend too. Ah well… needs must and all that. He wondered how quickly they’d deploy, but didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“Apparently there has been a fuck-up in personnel leaving our resident agent office in Cape May unfilled. Likely there is not a single agent located at that office currently and we are going to backfill. I was told there are cases waiting for us that haven’t been addressed and I’ll be making contact with Coast Guard PD up at the TRACEN sometime this morning. I have decided that I will not be giving out any case assignments until we arrive and set up shop. SAC wants us online and operational by Thursday morning. Our priority for tomorrow is to prepare for leaving and we leave Wednesday morning,” he said.

“Any immediate concerns?” he asked. “We will get into logistics in a minute,” he said, adding it in before anyone could speak up knowing that was likely the first question he was mostly concerned about people not being prepared for the assignment.

“Well, you’re gonna get me in trouble with the wife and kids,” Buzz noted, with a good-natured grin. “But nothing I can’t handle.” Moving at a moment’s notice was nothing particularly new to him, and Mika would grumble, but she’d understand. 

“Unfortunately I can’t help you with the wife,” Kevin said. “But I will try and get us back here as soon as we can. Though I will say there will be a lot of travel with the nature of our team,” Kevin said.

“Won’t need to, don’t worry, boss,” noted Buzz amicably. “And no rush,” he added with a lopsided smile. “Whatever’s needed, I’m in.”

“As we are short staffed I’ll be issuing each of you your own vehicle for the assignment. We will leave Wednesday morning giving you the day tomorrow to prepare as I said before. Cape May has transient housing so we won’t need to make hotel arrangements. I’ll have the Yeoman call up and get quarters arranged and that will be given tomorrow. I also don’t plan on worrying about any cases or the like until we are there. Our focus should be establishing ourselves as a unit first. Today’s goals should be getting our assigned vehicles, checking your vehicles equipment, drawing weapons from the armory. Make sure everyone has their proper phones, laptops, and everything is up to date and you have your IT profiles, CACs, and your building ID.”

Hannah nodded “I’ll get it taken care of this afternoon.” She said “I’ll have housing arranged by end of day.” She said making notes on the notepad in front of her “Any thing else?”

“Are there any questions, comments, or concerns?” Kevin asked, looking at the section of his team that had been assigned so far. 

Angelica nodded and knew she had to make arrangements for Charlie, unless she could bring the dog, but that wouldn’t be any better.  

“All good here,” Buzz confirmed. More than enough time to get his kit together and be good to hit the road for a bit, focus on the new team, and the new vehicle. “If anyone needs any help though, shout up, be more’n happy to pitch in.”

“Alright, let’s get things done. Belton, please join me in my office,” Kevin said, gathering his stuff and standing up.

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