3 MAy 2021, 10:00
Team Office

After the morning briefing, Hannah returned to her desk with a list of tasks to get done. The top priority was transient housing for the team as they headed to Cape May to cover the station there which she’d not yet heard back about. It took some haggling to get what they needed, it became easier when she reminded them that there were no current agents in Cape May.

After compiling her notes from the phone call, she began an email to INV3 Roe


Here are the billeting assignments for Cape May. We will all be located in the transient housing building.

CWO 3 Kevin Roe- Single VIP quarters. You will have a queen-size bed, a living area, a desk, and a kitchenette. Bedding, dishes, and other items will be provided. 

All others will have individual quarters in the same housing unit as yours. They will have a micro-fridge, bed, desk with lamp, a locker for personal items, a desk chair, and wastebasket.  

Any maintenance concerns need to be reported to me so that I can notify maintenance. Bedding will be issued upon check-in.  

Should the team not wish to cook for themselves. There are two dining areas on base that can be utilized. There are also several restaurants in the surrounding area that are easily accessible.  

If anyone has any questions, direct them to me and I will get answers.

YN2 Hannah Belton
Administrative Assistant
Major Crimes Team-East
US Coast Guard Investigative Service

Kevin shot back a quick reply thanking her for the quick work of the assignments being completed. He then forwarded the original email to the rest of the team so they knew what would be happening.

Then he included a second email.


Tomorrow we will be departing for our first assignment as a team and covering multiple cases throughout what will hopefully not be more than the next thirty days. I will be keeping pressure on the SAC to keep their finger on personnel until a new RA can be assigned to replace us.

I know this creates many difficulties for us all who are reporting from other areas and leaving families in the lurch or even just ourselves. I will be authorizing a stand-down day please complete only the necessary duties to prepare for departure and then take the rest of the day.

I will be in the office today until approximately noon and then will be available by cell phone if needed. Please be sure that everyone has their phone contacts updated as well prior to departure.

Tomorrow will be a travel day I ask that everyone please be on the road to Cape May no later the 09:00 so that you can check in with less difficulty and take some time to get comfortable. Our first workday will be on Thursday continuing to follow 0800-1600 until further notice. Myself or YN2 will reach out when we know what our work arrangements will be.

Any questions I am available to my team 24/7 via work phone.


INV3 Kevin Roe
Supervisory Special Agent
Major Crimes Team-East
U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service

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