Angelica and Buzz walked through the concourse. She didn’t expect any trouble from two dumbass kids who decided to run away for love. Who didn’t do dumb stuff when you were 18, she had, of course hers involved letting the air out of Eddie Ochoa’s tires when he cheated on her, not running away from military service. She walked along checking the people to see if any of them were the suspects.

It couldn’t help but cross Bradley’s mind that, at their age, he’d been happily a year into his own service career. Cutting and running, for any reason, just wasn’t his style and never would be, but he didn’t need to understand the kids’ reasoning to be part of their hard intervention. Rules were rules and letting others down didn’t many sense to him. 

An upward nod and a light tap to Angie’s arm was the nonchalant signal that Buzz had a clear sighting on their targets. They’d spent enough time looking at the kids’ images to recognise them despite the feeble attempt at minor disguise. He jinked a thumb low in Angie’s line of sight to let her know he’d take the right-hand side on approach.

She nodded to show she understood and moved left, she would take the left and they could grab both of the lovebirds in one swoop and quietly. She shifted then nodded at Buzz to indicate she was ready.

Buzz moved right, slow and steady and with his right hand to his ear as if he were on the phone. “I know, love,” he was saying, Southern accent lilting about the words. “But the kids will be fine. I’ll pick us up some burgers on the way back from the airport ok? Then we can chill out, no one needs to cook.”

As he spoke the words ‘chill out’, Buzz dropped his shoulder and collided gently with Robert Malcolm. His guise of the phone call vanished as he finished the sentence, arm hooked about Malcolm’s own to keep him from falling as Buzz spun the kid firmly around. 

“Don’t fight,” Buzz told the recruit with a low, calm voice, Malcolm’s right arm now locked behind his own back. With a deft and clearly well-practised series of motions, the younger man was manipulated into position and cuffs were applied. “Special Agent Buzz Bradley, CGIS. Robert Malcolm, you’re under arrest.” 

Jasmin saw the man grab her boyfriend and started to react but she felt the cold steel hit her wrist. “What the…..?”

“Jasmin Morales, Special Agent Passolini Coast Guard Investigative Service, you’re under arrest too.” Both cuffs were soon fastened around Jasmin’s wrists .

“What for?”

“Aiding and abetting.” She then did a cursory search finding no weapons, or anything of note 

Once they were both secured Angelica took out a small card. “I’m going to read you your rights now.” 

And she did.

A glance across to his partner told Buzz all he needed to know. Job done!  

As he calmly walked Malcolm over towards Roe and the others, the big fella read the littler one his Miranda Warnings. “One – you have the right to remain silent; Two – anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law; Three – you have the right to talk to a lawyer and have him present with you while you are being questioned; and – Four – if you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, one will be appointed to represent you before any questioning if you wish one.” 

There was no grin or hint of amusement on Bradley’s features as he and Passolini joined the rest of their team. Internally, he was just grateful this investigation was ending with two live captives. He’d had his concerns from that original AWOL, and past experience hadn’t always been kind. 

“Why’d you do it?” Buzz asked Robert. “Was it worth it?”

With the sound of immediate silence caught up in the maelstrom of noise from the concourse around them, and some mumbled mutterings from Jasmin, the two Agents strolled purposefully back to Roe and the rest of his team.

“Wrapped up, Warnings read and ready to go,” Bradley stated, with an upward nod to Roe.

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