Catching Up

TRACEN Cape May, NJ – CGPD Station, Office of Chief Lamar

It had been pretty obvious to Buzz that Chief Lamar wasn’t a big fan of the treatment he’d received in Roe’s little get-together meeting. No doubt it had been an incredibly busy couple of hours of thankless tasks for Lamar and the guy was doing his best. It was kinda interesting to see things from a different angle, but Buzz had no intention of breaking bridges on this one. 

“Hey,” he said to the CGPD Chief once they were alone together in private, and he offered a hand to be shaken. “Buzz Bradley,” Buzz flashed a quick smile. “Came to CGIS from Charleston PD, so I kinda feel your pain on this one.”

Brian shook hands with Buzz, “I am sure it is because he isn’t interested in being here.”

Buzz canted his head and met Lamar’s eyes. “Maybe you can bring me up to speed on what you and your team have done so far, y’know, so we’re not duplicating effort. I’m sure we all want to find this kid alive and kicking, right?”

“Just as I reported in the meeting. We have had this case for hardly any time. It was within hours that CGIS was contacted. Basic information was pulled from his personnel jacket and training files.” Brian said with almost a sigh. He had already explained everything in the meeting. He was short staff and pulled out of bed to handle this in the first place. 

“Sorry,” Brian said after taking a second. “I am tired. Being short staffed and pulling the extra duty has taken its hold on me. Then bring in CGIS and the attitude, it causes even more stress.”

“Hey man, I hear ya,” said Buzz, not bothering to stifle a yawn. He wasn’t about to apologise for Roe, but he did need to move them forwards here. “And I’m all for moving to the next steps – phone records, contacting the family – but just don’t wanna miss anything obvious.” He took a deep breath and leaned against the wall. “So, can we just recap?” He shrugged. “Never hurts to get a coupla tired brains up to ramming speed, huh?”

A brief pause and he forged onwards. 

“So, checked his file – that didn’t help us on account of nothing recorded on the potential mental health issues? Checked with his colleagues – reporting heavy drinking after an incoming call, but no idea who that was from? Anything else or that about as far as we’re currently at?”

“Time was strapped, so that is as far as we got. Once I had enough of a picture to know this was outside our scope, we sent on the case to CGIS.” Brian said with a little bit of defeat. 

“By this point patrons should be clearing out of the bars, might be able to catch some of the staff and see if they recall anything.”

“Received and understood,” noted Buzz. He’d been in the field with actual humans for more than long enough to realise that time went real fast when shit hit the fan, but it still kinda felt that the PD had given up too quickly. He didn’t bother to say that out loud, Lamar had already had his ears chewed by I’ll take the list of bars you’ve already checked and pick up from there.” 

He stood up, keen to get things rolling. 

“One way or another, we’ll find him,” Buzz added, offering a potentially optimistic reassurance for them both.

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