As soon as the two were off the stoop and headed back to Kevin’s vehicle he made a phone call to Angelica Passolini who was in charge back at the TRACEN while he was in Philly with Roe.

She heard the default ringtones of a cell phone, which made it her work phone, her personal phone used music, so she took full advantage, however that formal ring tone told her which phone to grab, which she did, “Special Agent Passolini.” Her standard greeting let folks know if they called the wrong number, this time it wasn’t a wrong number.

“Hey, it’s Roe, we just spoke to the Malcolm parents,” he said, as he and Buzz walked back toward his car. “The parents are not part of the problem or they are world class actors. I have info on the girlfriend and I will text you everything I have. I want you to run down a background check on the girl and start looking for any bank or credit card transactions and latest cell phone pings. I think they’re together,” Roe said, pulling the keys from his pocket he unlocked the doors as they approached.

“Hang on,” he said, taking the phone from his ear as the two got into the car. Once inside, the vehicle started and his door closed he put the phone back to his ear. “Sorry.”

“No problem.” She nodded, “Ok, I’ll get a background see if I can ping her phone, and we’ll go from there.”

“Buzz and I are going to head over to the girl’s apartment, she lives with some other girl but the Malcolm’s don’t know anything else. I’ll check in with you when I get done searching the place. The Malcolm home was clean,” he clarified, realizing he left the search the two had done before departing out of the conversation.

“Got it boss I’ll have some results for you as fast as I can.”

“There’s also a cabin in the woods at a State Park the family owns, I’m going to make a phone call to State Police and try and see if there’s some sort of park police that can go over and take a look while we check out the girlfriend’s apartment,” Roe said. The two bid goodbye and disconnected and Roe began dialing a number he’d found for the PA State Police earlier in the night.

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