Digging Much Deeper

Angelica had received her marching orders from Roe, do a background check, and financial crawl on both Missing recruit Malcom, and on his girlfriend and possible co-conspirator, Jasmin Morales. 

She headed over to the Benton, “Hey, just heard from the boss, we gotta do a full dump on Malcom’s girlfriend too, plus some financial stuff, including a Discover card belonging to his folks.” She also brought a cup of coffee for Hannah as sort of a ‘thank you’ for her help in this.

“Which do you want me to start on, the backgrounds or the financials?” She asked after taking a sip of the coffee and a nod to Angelica “Sounds like the boss found a lead.” She said “I’ll start the backgrounds.” She said “As soon as I have something I’ll let you know.” She said as she began entering data into NCIC and local police data bases.  

One of the first things that popped up was a theft charge from two years ago, the charges had been dropped but it was Mrs. Malcom that had filed them. Hannah printed out the data, and looked through the rest of the file, no other issues stood out on the criminal record stand point. Hannah headed over to Angelica “Initial scouring of NCIC and local police records shows a theft charge two years ago filed by Mrs. Malcom.” 

“Interesting. ” Angeliica continued to read the discover card information, so far nothing was sticking out like a sore thumb.

Hannah was thoughtful. her computer alerted her to something new coming information she sat down and began looking at the info as it came in “Hold on. Passolini. We got something..” She said “Charge to Frontier Airlines.”

“Parents?” Angelica asked

There was a pause then Hannah brought up the information, “No, Roommate’s credit card.”

“Ky’ira Jones? I was just about to run her through NCIC.”

That got a raised eyebrow. Angelica, who had a similar card, she looked it over, “Ok, it’s categorized as travel. “Let me call Frontier airlines, see what they can tell us.”

“Maybe they were thinking we wouldn’t talk to the roommate or that she’d cover for them….” She paused while Passolini called the airline.

She already had her phone out and had dialed the main customer service number. 

After the chipper greeting Angelica began her spiel, “My name is Special Agent Passolini CGIS, I had a question about a flight purchased with a specific credit card?”

“Absolutely you can, do you have the card number.” After receiving the number the Customer service representative continued. “..I have two seats booked on flight 3314 out of Newark International at 1 pm today, non stop to Cancun New Mexico.”

After profuse thanks Angelica looked at Hannah, “I think we have them, time to let the boss know.”

Hannah nodded in agreement “We should probably plan on heading to Newark.” She said “Let’s see what the boss wants to do though.”

Angelica nodded, “I’ll give him a call.”

“Hey,” Roe said, he was driving in the car to the park with Buzz to check the cabin owned by the Malcolms. “What’s up?”  

“Looks like we got their escape plan, Two tickets to Cancun, for 1300 today.”

“From where?” Roe asked.

“Flights coming through Newark International

“Contact Port Authority Police, TSA, and the RAO in New York and get them there. Start heading there after you’ve made contact. We’re going to continue to check out the cabin just in case but they need to be picked up before they get on that plane. He’s to be arrested for desertion, and the girlfriend in assisting.”

“You got it, I’ll get on the road ASAP to be waiting at the checkpoint.”

“I’ll give you an update once we clear the cottage,” Roe said. “Text me updates in the meantime.”

“You got it.” The line disconnected and Angelica set down the phone. Then she picked it back up and dialed the number for Port Authority Police Department.

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