Newark International Airport

fter she got off the phone with the Port Authority Police she sighed, Good news, they would find him alive, but he would be facing criminal charges, and so would his girlfriend.  

“You up for a road trip? We’re heading to Newark International to pick up our wayward lovebirds.”

“Sounds good.” Hannah said grabbing her jacket and travel mug of coffee “I’m glad he’s alive.” She said “He’s ruined his life for a girl….” She shook her head “You driving or me?”

Angelica nodded, “I’ll drive for the first leg, we can switch off. As for bad decisions for a girl, remind me to tell you about my Uncle Sal, followed a girl down to Tennessee spent 4 years wrestling professionally in the old NWA circuit, now he’s a criminal court judge in Chicago.” She chuckled, “Aunt Connie never lets him forget it.”

Hannah chuckled “This I gotta hear.” She said as she grabbed her jacket and headed out the door. “Let’s go get our love birds.”

Angelica grabbed her jacket and travel coffee cup, “We’re meeting up with a Lt Renzouli for the Port Authority PD, he’ll brief in the shift and coordinate with Customs and TSA to get them before they get on the plane.”

“Sounds good. I’m sure they will be cooperative.” She said with a smile “He has to realize he’s in hot water..but I guess love conquers all right.”

The cynic in Angelica came out at the weirdst times, “I wonder if she’ll wait while he’s in jail.”

The drive to the airport was supposed to be around 2 hours, but traffic, a car wreck and the requisite gapers block, plus a back up at the toll way ended up making it more like 3 hours.  

Once they pulled near the gate, there wasn’t much convincing as federal credentials open a lot of doors. and they were soon at the Port Authority Police office for the airport.  

Hannah stood next to Angelica as Renzouli came in “Thanks for helping us out Lt. The rest of our team should be here shortly.” Hannah said and turned over the rest of the conversation to Angelica.

Angelica began, “Ok, I don’t think our kids are violent, he’s wanted for desertion, skipped out of Boot camp on graduation leave, we’re holding her on accessory, aiding and abetting, for now, more may come. You got the pictures I e-mailed?”

“Yeah, I put them out to the shift, plan is, we know the gate Frontier staff can call them to the back for a free upgrade and that’s when we can make the arrests there, has the benefit of getting them through security they won’t be armed.”

“Don’t think they are anyway but you can’t be too careful.”

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