Reporting In

Elizabeth Friedman Law Enforcement Building, Office of LCDR Ruiz

Mason stepped off the elevator into the familiar surrounding of the Cheasapeake-Capital Region Office. Government buildings were all nearly identical, and he easily found his way around to the SAC’s secretary.

“Excuse me, I’m Special Agent Mason Benoit here to report to the Special Agent in Charge,” he said to the young woman seated at the desk. He handed over his transfer paperwork which she took from him.

“Thanks,” she said, glancing over the orders before picking up her phone. “Benoit is here, ma’am,” the civilian secretary said, after a brief pause she added, “okay,” and hung up.

“Go ahead in,” the secretary responded.

In the SAC’s office she sat at her desk, clad in a civilian pant suit, but in the corner of her office on the door to a closet on a hook hung a dress uniform of a Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander.

“Welcome, have a seat,” she said, motioning toward the chair across her desk before taking a sip from her cup of tea.

Mason entered the office and took note of the dress uniform before nodding and sitting in the proffered chair. “Thank you, ma’am. It’s a pleasure to be here. I must say the weather is alot more pleasant than it was in New Orleans.”

“It can get fairly miserable here in the summer too, don’t let the spring fool you,” the SAC noted. “But having spent a tour in various climates this one isn’t bad really,” Lopez said.

“I’m Abi Ruiz-Thorpe, one of the special agents-in-charge of the region the one that your team reports to. I’ve heard you’d done fine work in New Orleans and I’m sure that your team will be glad to have you,” she said, reflecting on the various personnel changes the team has had in less than the month they’d been active.

Mason bowed his head in acknowledgement, “Pleased to meet you ma’am. My good fortune back in New Orleans was in part due to my fellow teammates. I realize i haven’t been with CGIS for long, but I appreciate this opportunity.” 

Mason shifted his weight as he sat in the chair. He had hear rumors through the internal CGIS grapevine about why the position he was going to fill had been vacated, but he was just grateful to have been given the position. Mason didn’t boast about his own accomplishments, he always remained humble with his work.

“The team is currently on a case in Cape May, New Jersey but I don’t think we’ll have you join them until they return. In the meantime I would take some range time, some time to settle in, and get yourself settled here at the home office. You’ll need to get with IT to make sure all of your profiles are transferred and get your CAC programmed for access to the building and the like. If it looks like it’ll be a day more than a couple days of you sitting her twiddling your thumbs then we can look at sending you out,” the SAC said.

“Understood ma’am. If there is any support I can offer to the team here, I’d be more than willing. It won’t take me long to get settled in,” he said as he nodded to the SAC. His orders had not mentioned his team was already deployed on a case, and Mason was not one to sit by while his team was working. It made him feel guilty to not share in the workload, but orders were orders.

“Get settled and we can see what there is to do,” the LCDR responded. “I’m sure I can find something for you to do in the meantime if you’re that anxious,” she said, motioning to a stack of folders on her desk.

“Yes ma’am,” Mason replied. “If I can ask what the case background is the team is currently working on?”

“They were covering the Resident Agent Office at TRACEN Cape May as we had no staffing there for longer than planned. They were to handle the back log of cases and throughout the course picked up a recruit that went missing. Coverage of the RAO has been found so they’ll be returning once this case is completed,” Abigail explained.

Mason nodded as he listened. He had handled his fair share of AWOL personnel down in New Orleans, but he was surprised a recruit had managed to sneak away from basic. “Understood ma’am. I’m surprised it was a recruit that went AWOL. I understand they keep a pretty close watch on them at Cape May,” he said. 

“They get a weekend of Liberty toward the end,” the LCDR explained. “Anyway, go get yourself settled, get some range time, make sure you have your building access and IT profiles all setup. Agency phone, the whole bit, you being up to speed for when your team gets back is the best thing you can do right now.”

“Of course ma’am,” Mason said as he sensed the introductions had concluded. He stood from the chair after the SAC stood from her own. “Again, It’s a pleasure to be part of this office,” he said as he shook the hand she offered.

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