The Airport

Kevin and Buzz had searched the cabin in the park and found that the two had indeed been there but had left before they’d gotten there. They had checked around some of the local business who had indeed sighted the two and then made their way to the airport arriving at the Port Authority Police Station. They repositioned their vehicles to an exit that didn’t involve dragging their arrestees through the airport and met up with two officers from the Coast Guard Police from New York.

Quietly, Buzz regarded the two men, gave a friendly upward nod and deferred to Roe for the opening line. 

“Officers thanks for coming,” Kevin said, approaching them as they started into the terminal. “I know this is technically a Cape May issue but they were unable to handle it. If you guys can hold him while we arrange transport, I would appreciate it,” Kevin explained. Of course their chief had been in on it and agreed to dedicate the two officers sent in their patrol car for transport.

Petty Officer Second Class Robert Longmire and Petty Officer Third Class Bob Cheatham, otherwise known as “The Bobs” amongst their colleagues, had been detailed to assist the CGIS agents however was necessary. Both men were dressed in the standard CGPD uniform, and had forgone their tactical vests in order to draw less attention to themselves. From a distance, their uniforms could blend in with the various Port Authority Officers around the airport. 

“Of course sir. Beats running traffic back on base,” Robert said as he looked over at his partner. They followed behind the two agents into the terminal.

Buzz grinned. He’d have taken this duty all day long in their position too, and he was thinking about exactly the same thing as Kevin offered them another sweet deal of a task.

“That’s fair,” Roe responded. “If you guys are into the long distance trip let me know and I can do my best to get you the assignment of bringing him to where he needs to go.”

“Of course sir. We don’t mind a nice road trip,” Bob said as he and his partner nodded to each other.

The Port Authority Officer who had led Kevin, Buzz, and the CGPD Officers to the special exit brought them to where Passolini was waiting. He was a bit surprised to see Belton present, but glad she had changed into civilian clothes the last thing they needed was someone in a Coast Guard uniform present.

“Hey,” said Buzz as he and Roe neared the two women, and he offered a warm smile to Angie and Hannah. 

“Fill me in on your plan,” Kevin said, as he approached the two women from his team. “You’ll be the arresting agent and take over the case once they’re in custody.”

Buzz lurked alongside the Bobs and kept a cursory look out at the concourse beyond them while Passolini answered the Chief. 

“We let them get to the gate, then Frontier staff will upgrade them to early boarding and what they call stretch seating, more leg room and earlier boarding, they just need them to do some paperwork in a quick back office, we make the arrest.” The original plan was First class seating but the Frontier rep advised them they didn’t have first class seating, so it was a bit on the fly.

“Alright, well, we need to get these two someplace out of sight,” Roe said, indicating the officers in uniform. “And we also need people in place in case they don’t go for the back office routine, it seems unlikely but they might be dumb enough to fall for it.”

“Well to keep it easy, get me a uniform shirt and name tag, we make the offer, they balk, we arrest them right there.”

Hannah spoke up “I can do the desk situation and you be behind them if they don’t go for it.” She said “That will free up the ones that can effect the arrest.” She suggested.

“I’d rather keep you out of direct contact,” Buzz commented, while looking from Belton to Roe. He wasn’t sure why Hannah was involved, but this was no time or place to argue.

Hannah simply nodded, this was not her job.  

“We’re going to have to arrest them if they don’t go for it there, but, it also defeats the purpose of us not just waiting at security. Do we know if they’ve come through yet? They could have been hanging out here all day. Did we check?” Kevin asked.

Angelica checked her phone, having felt a text message, “I had the check in agent at Frontier text me when they checked in. when we called I had them flag the tickets to need assistance from a supervisor, they have their tickets and will be hitting TSA in say 10 minutes.”

“How bout I take a wander down towards TSA and a meander back this way again,” suggested Buzz with a lazy drawl. “Just so as we’ve got all our bases covered.” If Passolini and Roe couldn’t handle them on their own he’d be more concerned, but this should be a routine pick-up given their location. Firearms etc weren’t gonna be an issue. 

Buzz’s comment made Angelica pause, she had overthought again. She was used to these highly planned operations, when just grabbing them after they get through TSA would be much easier. “Buzz, why don’t I come with, we’ll probably grab them at the checkpoint.” Then she continued, “I should have thought of that myself.”

“Sounds good,” confirmed Buzz with a affirmative nod/smile combo. 

“Have we determined if they checked in?” Roe asked, turning to the Port Authority Police Officer who accompanied them.

“They have not, sir, at least as about thirty minutes ago,” the PAPD officer replied.

“Alright, then lets try this at the check point. We can have Port Authority Police there without looking too suspicious and we can have CGPD, myself, and Belton can prepare for if they make it through security. Buzz, Ange you handle the arrest at the gate. Questions?”

Hannah shook her head “No sir.” She said as she looked to see if there were any questions from anyone. She didn’t forsee any issues in the arrest.  

“We got this,” noted Buzz. He looked from Roe to Angie, then took off alongside the latter in a nonchalant stroll towards TSA.

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