Elizabeth Friedman Law Enforcement Building

The CGIS Chesapeake Region office building is located on the ground of the Atlantic Area Headquarters and Sector Virginia in Portsmouth, VA. The CGIS Regional Office, Legal Advisement Team, Major Crimes Unit, as well as the Coast Guard Police Department share a building that is four stories tall and two below ground.

The building is named for Elizebeth Smith Friedman who was a US Navy Cryptoanalysist who eventually transferred into US Coast Guard Intelligence after a joint venture established between the USCG and US Navy during prohibition. Mrs. Freidman was one of the Coast Guard’s first intelligence operators who brought many to justice and is considered the first female in the field of cryptoanyalysis. 

Building Layout

First Floor: Reception, US Coast Guard Police Station, Fleet Services (PD/CGIS)
Second Floor: Coffee Shop, Conference Center, Auditorium, Class Rooms
Third Floor: Coast Guard Investigative Service Offices, Major Crimes Team Office, Records
Fourth Floor: Coast Guard Investigative Service Administration, Legal Services (JAG Advisors), Conference Rooms, IT Services
Sub-Level One: Regional Forensic Science Center (no morgue facilities)
Sub-Level Two: Armory, Evidence Room, Information-Technology Infrastructure

Major Crimes Team Office Layout

CGIS Major Crimes Team East Office Layout, Third Floor, Suite 303
Cubical/Office Assignment

Supervisor’s Office: INV3 K. Roe
Senior Agent’s Office: Vacant
YN/Reception: YN2 H. Belton
A: INV2 X. Kendrick
B: Vacant
C: Vacant
D: INV2 B. Bradley
E: SA Angelica Passolini
F: SA M. Benoit

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