CGIS Regions

The Coast Guard Investigative Service is divided into Regions that mostly coincide with the existing Coast Guard District and Area lines. Each region has a headquarters building and multiple resident agent offices located in it. This also includes Patrol Forces Southeast Asia (PATFORSWA) located in Manama, Bahrain as well as Activities Europe (ACTEUR) based in Brunssum, The Netherlands. Regions are headed by a Special Agent-in-Charge an assistant special agent-in-charge, and some special units have supervisory special agents.

The Major Crimes Unit is led by a Special Agent-in-Charge who is based at US Coast Guard Headquarters and split into two teams one based on the East Coast, our team, and the other on the West Coast. Each team is led by a Supervisory Special Agent-in-Charge who may be assisted by a Senior Special Agent.

CGIS Region Map – Major Crimes Team East is based in Portsmouth, VA
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