Team Vehicles

The Major Crimes Team East has been assigned multiple vehicles by the Law Enforcement Fleet Services Division at the Elizabeth Friedman Law Enforcement Building. These vehicles are assigned to agents and are authorized take-home vehicles.

License PlateVehicle DescriptionTeam Member AssignedVehicles Notes
DHS8415752024 Blue Ford Interceptor Utility (Explorer)INV3 K. Roe
DHS6554192023 Silver Ford Interceptor Utility (Explorer)INV2 B. Bradley
DHS1415052022 Blue Ford Interceptor Utility (Explorer)SA A. Passolini
DHS5843862021 White Ford Interceptor Utility (Explorer)SA M. Benoit
DHS2974422017 Brown Ford Interceptor (Taurus)INV2 X. Kendrick
DHS7470562025 White Dodge Charger PursuitOut of ServiceAwaiting Delivery
DHS7203502025 Black Dodge Charger PursuitOut of ServiceAwaiting Delivery
DHS1286532020 Black Ford Transit VanSpecial UseCrime Scene Support Unit
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