Known SQL Issue

Posted on 13 Sep 2021 @ 3:16pm by Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kevin Roe

Greetings! I am very aware that while submitting a form that is not generally used often there may be an SQL error generated. This is an issue being caused by the transition from web server to web server and me missing a button I had to click in the new servers system which I have never used before. On the bright side while you still may get the error everything still seems to work perfectly. This also does not seem to effect episode posts at all. Should you encounter an error please copy/text the error message and/or screenshot it and create a support ticket for the effected sim on Discord so it can be addressed. I am hoping to fix these as they come up because most of the forms it effects are not used often and it isn't worth tracking it down. Please be sure to copy/paste any large amounts of text you are going to submit PRIOR to submitting it (just in case).

So far these things that are effected are: New wiki articles and LOA Requests

I will update them as I have time and it comes up.

TL;DR: Please keep a copy of non-post information submit through website forms due to an issue that I'll have to track down incident by incident if it's a large block of text/content. Please create a support ticket on discord to report the issue and include the text of the error message and/or screenshot with it.



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