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Discord Login Enabled!

Posted on 03 Feb 2022 @ 10:41pm by Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kevin Roe

Discord Login is now enabled for CGIS! As all members are required to be a member of the Sim Central discord as part our of our rules we will be a testbed for a new bot and feature for the group. This bot will cross reference the sim members and discord server to be sure everyone is in fact on Discord. It will also automatically manage the addition of members of the crew to the appropriate CGIS Crew role on Discord!

Please login to the CGIS nova as soon as possible, go to the menu on the control panel, and under user you'll find Discord Account. Click into the Discord Account page and you'll see a box for ID which should be blank and a button that says get auth. When you click the Get Auth button it will bring you to Discord login. This will cross reference you with discord and ensure that your permissions are correct on Discord.

After authed you can login as normal via email or Discord if you so choose.

The only information stored is your discord user ID which is public information available to anyone using discord. All other information involves various secret keys and an encrypted API. For those further curious I can direct you to our tech expert on SC.




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