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Petty Officer Second Class Hannah Belton

Name Hannah Marie Belton

Position Administrative Assistant

Rank Petty Officer Second Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 125#
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description (Gemma Arterton


Spouse Evan Nathanial Belton
Children Nicholas David Belton- 5 years old
Bethany Elizabeth Belton- 8 months old
Elisa Marie Belton- 8 Months old
Father David Hold
Mother Elizabeth Holt
Brother(s) Aaron David Holt 17 years old
Sister(s) Annisa Gertrude Holt 19
Other Family/Important Relationships Maria Juanita Belton- Evan's mother
Joseph Randolph Belton- Evan's father
Maria Louise Belton- Evan's Sister

Personality & Traits

General Overview Spunky and up for a good laugh, Hannah's priorities have changed only slightly since she joined the Coast Guard. With three children, her priorities now lie with her family and her job. She enjoys the challenge of balancing the two to make it work.
Ambitions To eventually become a special agent within CGIS.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking, hiking, backpacking, skiing, white water rafting,

Personal & Service History

Employment Status Active Duty
Warrant Officer/NCO Rating Yeoman (YN2)
Personal History Born on December 1, 1993 on the USAG Rheinland-Pfalz in Kaiserslautern Germany. David was a Lieutenant in Military Intelligence and Elizabeth was a Sergeant in the Nursing Corps. Hannah is the eldest of three children and the only one that was not born in the United States. She attended schools in and around the military base, making her primary language German and learning English at home.

At the age of 7, David and Elizabeth were reassigned stateside and stationed at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Newport News, VA. David continued his military career and Elizabeth retired from the military and became a school nurse. It was while living in Portsmouth that both Anissa and David were born. Hannah attended local schools in and around Portsmouth. Graduating from Churchland High School in 2010, Hannah tossed around the idea of attending college and then decided after a long talk with her father that the military was the way to go.

Hannah joined the United States Coast Guard and attended basic training at TRACEN Cape May, NJ. After completing the 53 day program, Hannah was assigned to Neah Bay Station as a unit manager. She remained at this post working with the medical department as an Administrative Assistant.

While stationed at Neah Bay, Hannah met Evan Belton. He was an enlisted person in the Naval Air station near by Whidbey Bay Naval Air Station. The two became close friends and eventually started dating and then married. Evan had completed his stint in the Navy and decided to join the fire department shortly after he and Hannah were married.

When the position for Administrative Assistant came open in Cape May, NJ, Hannah put in for a transfer to take that position. Evan was accepted to the Fire Academy in Cape May, NJ. The couple located a Victorian home that they fell in love with that was about 10 minutes away from her parents. Thanks to both of their military service and their savings they were able to purchase it, with only a small loan from the bank.

A year after returning to the east coast, Hannah and Evan's oldest child was born. He was the apple of his father's eye. A quiet baby, who only cried when wet or hungry, the couple counted themselves as lucky. The grandparents were near by to spoil Nicholas rotten.

Hannah settled into a position as a administrative assistant for the medical unit at Cape May. When the administrative assistant position came open with the CGIS unit, Hannah put in for a transfer and has now been at this position for approximately one year.

Just after her transfer to CGIS, Hannah and Evan welcomed their twin daughters, Bethany and Elisa. This was a definite change from Nic. The girls were fussy and cried almost non-stop for the first two months causing sleepless nights for both Hannah and Evan.

Hannah settled into her new role as administrative assistance for the CGIS unit and has now been there for just over a year.
Service Record