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Special Agent Erin Reeves

Name Erin Reeves

Position Special Agent Trainee

Rank Special Agent

Character Information

Gender Female
Race Caucassian
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 118lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tall and slim, with long legs. Dark, long hair, usually kept loose. She has a neutral to friendly expression. She is relaxed and tends to smile a lot while her observant, piercing, green eyes glint invitingly. Her moves are graceful, feminine and natural.


Children Ava Richards (-34, 21.10.2011)
Evan Richards (-36, 02.12.2013)
Father Jack Reeves
Mother Olivia Reeves
Sister(s) Hailey Acker (-2)
Other Family/Important Relationships Marriage 1 - William Richards – divorced (+12)
Marriage 2 - Samantha Quinn – divorced (+1)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Erin is a veteran naval aviator with combat experience who later served as an officer in the LAPD. As such, she is a calm, analytical, composed, and straightforward realist. She usually is direct and ironic. Erin is a bit flirty, cynical and free-spirited. She can be a sophisticated and manipulative femme fatale.

She doesn’t like to talk about her private life except with close friends. She is a great listener and a loyal friend. She is easy and loves to spend free time flirting in bars, going out with friends or driving cars.
Ambitions To start anew, find balance, be happy and have fun
Hobbies & Interests Martial arts, jets, flying, cars, driving, acrobatics, gym and staying fit, sex, meditation, good food, looking nice, socializing

Personal & Service History

Employment Status Civilian
Warrant Officer/NCO Rating
Personal History Erin Reeves was born 01.01.1977, in Flushing, Queens, NYC, where she grew up. She has a sister two years younger, Hailey. Her father was a Naval Aviator and her mother was a NYPD police officer. Her parents separated when Erin’s sister was born. In high school, Erin was one of the best students, excelling in science and sports. She also did modelling and appeared in magazine, newspaper and television advertising. Idolizing her father, she didn’t hesitate and dropped a promising modeling career, and joined NROTC at the age of 18.

By 22, adaptive and enduring, Erin enjoyed the challenge of the naval service. She pushed through to become a Naval Aviator, completing the training in just under two years. She spent the next decade flying fighter jets from carriers, taking part in combat operations and was eventually promoted to LCDR. Flying in combat over Iraq and Afghanistan she distinguished herself and was twice awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

When Erin was 33 she met William and fell in love. William was extremely rich and had sophisticated tastes. This was something that intoxicated Erin from the start. Their on-off relationship grew and, at 34, she hung up her wings, married William and moved to LA. Soon after she gave birth to Ava. Even though there were problems from day one, Erin gave birth to Evan two years after Ava. However, she realized that William expected her to drop her independence and submit to his expectations. She ignored it mostly, remaining independent through other activities like flying helicopters, martial arts instructor training, and even getting certified as a personal trainer. This all angered William.

At age of 36, Erin joined LAPD following her mother's example, ignoring William and not submitting to his demands. While her marriage was falling apart, three years into the service Erin, now 39, joined LAPD Air Support Division as a helicopter pilot. Less than a year later her application to the Criminal Investigation Division was approved. Around the same time, William caught Erin cheating on him with Samantha, an FBI agent that she had worked closely on some cases. The divorce was a disaster, William’s lawyers stripped her of everything including any chance to visit her children.

Devastated, Erin had nothing other than work to focus on, and she was extremely good at it. Also, there was still Samantha who Erin fell in love with and married a year later. For the next two years, Samatha tried to convince Erin to apply to the FBI and leave the LAPD. Finally, Erin broke up with her wife. Samantha reminded her too much of her life with William, and instead of the FBI, she applied to the CGIS. At 43, she was accepted and finished the training in half a year. She was assigned to a new post in Chesapeake, Virginia. Erin gladly accepted and packed her bags, leaving California, hopefully for good.
Service Record • MAY 1995 – Enlisted NROTC
• JUN 1999 – Promoted to Ensign, entered United States Naval Aviator training
• JAN 2001 – completed United States Naval Aviator training, assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron 115 (VFA-115 "Eagles”), flying F/A-18C Hornet, from USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72), promoted to LTJG
• JUL 2002 – fighters upgraded to F/A-18E Super Hornet, took part in combat missions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Southern Watch
• MAY 2003 – Taking part in Operation Iraqi Freedom, promoted to LT, awarded Distinguished Flying Cross
• MAY 2004 – Assigned to USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) with the squadron
• JAN 2006 – Deployed aboard USS Ronald Reagan to the Persian Gulf in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, awarded Distinguished Flying Cross second time
• SEP 2009 – Promoted to LCDR
• MAR 2011 – Resigned commission, Los Angeles, CA
• JAN 2013 – Joined LAPD, Los Angeles, CA
• FEB 2016 – Joined LAPD Air Support Division, Los Angeles, CA
• DEC 2016 – Joined LAPD Criminal Investigation Division, Los Angeles, CA
• OCT 2020 – Applied for CGIS and assigned CGIS Academy
• APR 2021 – Graduated CGIS Academy
• MAY 2021 – Assigned Chesapeake-Capital Region Office, Chesepeake, VA – Special Agent Trainee