The Next Assignment

Posted on 11 Sep 2022 @ 3:31pm by Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kevin Roe

Episode: Fleet Week
Location: Elizabeth Friedman Law Enforcement Building, Team Office
Timeline: Date 2025-04-29 at 0945

Kevin had sent a text to his entire team, of course using their agency-assigned phones, as he was finishing up his meeting with his boss via Microsoft Teams. With the Coast Guard now operating on the Defense Department’s 365, they had switched to that for their telecommunication needs with an upgraded security package. He had requested that the full team head into the conference room and prepare for a briefing on their newest assignment.

Business had been slow for the team over the past couple of months and instead of operating as a full team each agent or a couple of agents were working on small cases within the region. They had actually just had a meeting this morning at the start of their day about the status of each and every case.

“Thanks ma’am, I’ll let you know the plan once we have one,” INV3 Kevin Roe said, prior to disconnecting the Teams meeting. With that he rose from his desk and made his way directly to the conference room stopping to grab the legal pad he had jot down some notes on and made his way into the conference room where the team was already assembled and joking with each other.

“We’ve got an assignment for the whole team,” he announced, making his way to the seat at the head of the table and dropping into it. “This is going to require time away and travel so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare… any other cases can be placed on hold until completion unless you request otherwise.”

Angelica had just arrived back in the office after a rather nice fishing weekend, she, caught a very nice trout, she was looking forward to getting that forensic report on the string of thefts she had been working around the base. When the boss spoke, she looked up and waited for more information.

Hannah was seated at the table with her own legal pad for notes. Under one topic was billeting and under another topic was transportation, either from the motor pool or when they arrived wherever they were heading. Once those notes were made, she waited for the additional information that she would need to get her job done.

Mason sat seated across from Belton at the conference table. He had been with the team for almost a year now, but that still meant that he was the most junior agent. He had his large notebook opened in front of him to a fresh page. The notebook itself was full of colored tabs jutting from the edges.

The few cases mason had been working on involved coastguardsmen running afoul of the local cops. While some were minor issues, DUIs, and the like, there were a few serious cases involving domestic abuse and assault that he had been interviewing witnesses for. When Roe mentioned potential travel and time away, Mason’s curiosity peaked.

“Awesome,” said Buzz, looking up from his phone to meet Kevin’s gaze as the other man took his place at the table. He closed down the chat in which his daughter had been sending him pictures from her school project. “Be good to team up some,” he continued with a flash of a grin. Time away was all part of the job, no concerns there. “What we looking at, Kevin?” he asked.

“We are off to New York,” he said. “We’ll be traveling for about a month although we have to still arrange accommodations and the like. There was a thwarted terrorist attack against a government-in-exile in Washington, D.C. targeted by the Chinese Government. People’s Republic,” he said, adding quickly to not confuse it it with the Republic which was better known as Taiwan.

“There are concerns that with the terrorist attack that Fleet Week in New York could become a target. We’ll be going early and setting up security for the event and for a week prior there will be the newest Virginia Class attack submarine tied up as well,” Roe explained.

Mason wrote a few notes in his notebook before looking back up towards Roe. The news of a thwarted terrorist attack caught his attention as he had not heard any news about it before this meeting. He couldn’t say he was surprised though. Ever since the formal recognition of Taiwan, the People’s Republic of China had been doing quite a bit of saber rattling. He knew that Fleet Week in New York would be a prime target if it was part of a coordinated effort. “I assume we will be coordinating with NCIS boss,” Mason asked referring to the Navy Criminal Investigation Service. NCIS was the Navy’s equivalent to the CGIS.

“They might have a presence but Coast Guard, The New York Joint Terrorism Task Force, and NYPD will be the lead agencies for this event. NCIS doesn’t really have jurisdiction unless a crime is committed physically aboard one of the vessels or by military personnel,” Kevin explained. The Navy Criminal Investigative Service was not nearly as powerful as the Coast Guard Investigative Service legally.

Buzz quietly took a few notes that confirmed a few rumblings he’d heard on the old grapevine of connections. Tensions had been medium-high in this particular arena since the pandemic of 2020 had calmed down. It made total sense that Fleet Week, and particularly a shiny new submarine, would attract attention with regard to potential threats. What angry force of humanity could resist such a fine stage…

“The USS Arizona?” Buzz was certain of the name, but his tone rose in question regardless. It was always possible he’d missed a newer announcement, though he doubted it. His voice was colored with excitement at the chance for a ‘sneak preview’ of the sub. “I heard she was headed under the ice?”

“I think it’s on some sort of PR tour,” Roe responded, with a shrug. “I don’t really know the details but if it’s coming from the west coast that would make sense.”
Hannah made a few more notes on her pad “Nothing like a new shiny submarine to attract a lot of unwanted attention.” She said mostly to herself, “When do we leave?” She asked.

“We leave Thursday and after we are done with this briefing it will be prep time until departure so enjoy the time how you need to,” Roe said. That gave them the rest of the day today and the entire next day to prepare as it was Tuesday morning.
Angelica looked over the notes she had made on the assignment. Seemed simple enough, but the devil was in the details. “Do we have a contact with NYPD?” They would probably be working with the patrol unit a lot this time since they’d probably know the area better than JTTF or any federal agency.

“We will be working with NYPD, JTTF, and probably some others. We were not initially going to participate in this event but with the terrorist attack attempt, we are upping security. When I have more information I will let you know, Belton and I are going to start working on accomadations and the like. Any current casework needs to start transitioning toward back burner… keep your phones on and watch for emails and texts with updates. Get what you need to do here and at home done and I’ll keep you all apprised.”