Coast Guard Investigative Service breaks up case operations and the exploration of our characters by episodes. Each episode is made up of multiple scenes driving the story.

Current Episode

Fleet Week

Date: May 2025

After a terrorist attack is thwarted by Chinese operatives to strike a Government-in-Exile in Washington D.C. the country increases its security nationwide. With Fleet Week occurring in New York City and the latest Nuclear Powered Fast Attack submarine visiting in the weeks prior the team is tasked to assist NYPD, NY JTTF, and a USCG TACLET Team in security for the month’s events.

Previous Episodes

Back to Basic

Date: May 2024
The brand new Major Cases Unit East is assigned to cover for a lack of staffing at the Resident Office at TRACEN Cape May, NJ. While there the team gets to know one another and investigates minor crimes and tracks down a recruit who goes AWOL.

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