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CGIS Major Crimes Unit East has been assigned to cover an alarming loss of coverage at the Cape May Resident Agent Office. Training Center (TRACEN) Cape May is the location of the Coast Guard’s Boot Camp, multiple cutters, a small boat station, and multiple other units. Despite being covered by its own Coast Guard Police Department unit multiple CGIS cases have been opened without an agent to cover them. The team has been assigned by their leadership to head to Cape May and take charge until new resident agents can be assigned.

While assigned to Cape May the team deals with many cases that were thrown at CGIS to clear them off the to do list of the understaffed Coast Guard PD. Some failures in leadership both within the PD and base permanent staff are evident as the team operates there. Things become interesting when a seaman recruit, Robert Malcolm, goes absent without leave (AWOL) and the hunt begins.

Scenes from this Episode

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