Angelica Passolini


Angelica and Buzz walked through the concourse. She didn’t expect any trouble from two dumbass kids who decided to run away for love. Who didn’t do dumb stuff when you were 18, she had, of course hers involved letting the air out of Eddie Ochoa’s tires when he cheated on her, not running away from …

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Newark International Airport fter she got off the phone with the Port Authority Police she sighed, Good news, they would find him alive, but he would be facing criminal charges, and so would his girlfriend.   “You up for a road trip? We’re heading to Newark International to pick up our wayward lovebirds.” “Sounds good.” Hannah …

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Digging Much Deeper

Angelica had received her marching orders from Roe, do a background check, and financial crawl on both Missing recruit Malcom, and on his girlfriend and possible co-conspirator, Jasmin Morales.  She headed over to the Benton, “Hey, just heard from the boss, we gotta do a full dump on Malcom’s girlfriend too, plus some financial stuff, …

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As soon as the two were off the stoop and headed back to Kevin’s vehicle he made a phone call to Angelica Passolini who was in charge back at the TRACEN while he was in Philly with Roe. She heard the default ringtones of a cell phone, which made it her work phone, her personal …

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10 MAY 24, 0110Cape May, NJ The car ride had been silent, that much was obvious as it was obvious she would never be best buddies with Reeves.   When they arrived at the station her associate had stalked inside and was probably going to have an uncomfortable chat with the boss that thankfully she wasn’t …

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