Buzz Bradley


Angelica and Buzz walked through the concourse. She didn’t expect any trouble from two dumbass kids who decided to run away for love. Who didn’t do dumb stuff when you were 18, she had, of course hers involved letting the air out of Eddie Ochoa’s tires when he cheated on her, not running away from …

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Catching Up

TRACEN Cape May, NJ – CGPD Station, Office of Chief Lamar It had been pretty obvious to Buzz that Chief Lamar wasn’t a big fan of the treatment he’d received in Roe’s little get-together meeting. No doubt it had been an incredibly busy couple of hours of thankless tasks for Lamar and the guy was …

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10 MAY 24, 0110Cape May, NJ The car ride had been silent, that much was obvious as it was obvious she would never be best buddies with Reeves.   When they arrived at the station her associate had stalked inside and was probably going to have an uncomfortable chat with the boss that thankfully she wasn’t …

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