Hannah Belton


Newark International Airport fter she got off the phone with the Port Authority Police she sighed, Good news, they would find him alive, but he would be facing criminal charges, and so would his girlfriend.   “You up for a road trip? We’re heading to Newark International to pick up our wayward lovebirds.” “Sounds good.” Hannah …

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Digging Much Deeper

Angelica had received her marching orders from Roe, do a background check, and financial crawl on both Missing recruit Malcom, and on his girlfriend and possible co-conspirator, Jasmin Morales.  She headed over to the Benton, “Hey, just heard from the boss, we gotta do a full dump on Malcom’s girlfriend too, plus some financial stuff, …

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Gathering Intel

After Roe had finished his conversation with Passolini, she sat down at her desk and opened her computer. Sitting her cup of coffee on the side of the desk, she began searching through personnel to find out who she would need to talk to about training schedules and getting them together to see if there …

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Digging Deeper

10 MAY 24, 0115TRACEN Cape May, NJ – CGPD Station, Break Room After the meeting had been dismissed, Hannah headed for another cup of coffee in the break room while Passolini and Roe spoke in their shared office. As she poured from the decanter sitting on the warmer, she took a quick sniff to see just …

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10 MAY 24, 00:00TRACEN Cape May, NJ – VIP Quarters, INV3 Roe Kevin had been asleep for about an hour when his phone rang, it was his work phone, he sighed and rolled over and grabbed it off the nightstand. He looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Chief Lamar of the TRACEN …

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