Kevin Roe

Catching Up

TRACEN Cape May, NJ – CGPD Station, Office of Chief Lamar It had been pretty obvious to Buzz that Chief Lamar wasn’t a big fan of the treatment he’d received in Roe’s little get-together meeting. No doubt it had been an incredibly busy couple of hours of thankless tasks for Lamar and the guy was …

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Digging Much Deeper

Angelica had received her marching orders from Roe, do a background check, and financial crawl on both Missing recruit Malcom, and on his girlfriend and possible co-conspirator, Jasmin Morales.  She headed over to the Benton, “Hey, just heard from the boss, we gotta do a full dump on Malcom’s girlfriend too, plus some financial stuff, …

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As soon as the two were off the stoop and headed back to Kevin’s vehicle he made a phone call to Angelica Passolini who was in charge back at the TRACEN while he was in Philly with Roe. She heard the default ringtones of a cell phone, which made it her work phone, her personal …

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