Angelica Pasolini


Born in Albuquerque NM, to what was described as a normal upper-middle-class Italian family, however, she was always the rebel in the family.

It was that spirit that sent her to an Army recruiting office, where she selected a truck driver MOS, mainly wanting something hands-on. She spent 4 years as a combat engineer including in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When she came home she worked several odd jobs from construction to extra work in various TV shows filming in the area. In college, she met a classmate who was a police officer, and she decided to apply.

During her time as a police officer, she was recognized for her keen investigative skills, and a good rapport with both suspects, and witnesses, in addition to being able to get information from victims.

When she had her bachelor’s degree, she was encouraged by a friend to check Federal investigative services, and she applied, the CGIS hired her and she went to FLETC.

Her Probationary year was spent in Milwaukee Wisconsin where she had managed to wrap up a smuggling ring with an informer on the docks.

Her assignment to Portsmouth is first off probation. During her assignment, she investigated multiple cases from smuggling to thefts, to even a homicide investigation.  It was that investigation that resulted in her being seconded to a joint investigation involving the Drug Enforcement Administration and Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and explosives.  At the end of the 2-year investigation, several dozen arrests were made.  When she returned she was transferred to the Major Crimes Unit East.

Angelica Passolini

  • Age: 30
  • Height 5’6”
  • Weight: 135


Father: Michael Passolini- City Attorney Albuquerque NM|
Mother: Rosalina “Rose”  Passolini Teacher Albuquerque Public Schools

Brother: Anthony Passolini 18, Student: Del Norte High School: Senior

Sister: Constance Passolini 14, Del Norte High School; Freshman

Other Family

Pasquale (Pete) Abruzzo, Uncle, Retired Cost Guard Master Chief Bosun’s mate runs a fishing charter in Portsmouth VA

Charlie Lab mix, 2 years old

Sylvester 1-year-old Maine Coon/Norwegian forest cat mix 

Hobbies and interests

She Is a good cook, having worked in several line cook jobs before enlisting, and before becoming a police officer, also does mixed martial arts and Kendo fencing.

Service Record

2011- Graduates from Del Norte High School

2011-2015 US Army various postings MOS: 88M,

2015-2017: Central New Mexico Community college: Major: History, minor in psychology

2016-2019: Albuquerque Police Department: Field Services (Patrol) and Auto theft unit

2019- Graduated University of New Mexico, Double major in History and psychology,

2020-2020: Graduated FLETC CGIS Special agent, assigned to Residential office; Milwaukee WI

2020-2022 Reassigned after probation Portsmouth VA: Field team A

2022-2024: Joint Operation with DEA/BATFE Operation Steeler’s Wheel.

2024- Present: Major Crimes Unit: East Portsmouth VA

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