INV2 Buzz Bradley

Personal History

Buzz, named for the second man on the moon, was born Charleston, SC in January 1990 into a blue collar family. Being the second of five children (he has three brothers and a sister) there wasn’t enough money to pay for college, so Buzz followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and joined the US Army right out of High School.

He was a Cavalry Scout and served on multiple overseas deployments, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and Syria.

During his two tours of duty and in any down time, Buzz began to work with rescue charities who helped dogs caught out in warzones. He still harbours some nightmares, but nothing debilitating or on record. Injured a couple of times, nothing serious enough to send him home.

After six years of active service in the Army, Buzz applied to join Charleston PD This put him much closer to home and allowed him to spend much more time with his wife and baby daughter. Due to some key positions becoming vacant and a desire to do more cerebral work, Buzz takes on a covering role in Investigations. This keeps him closer to home and piques his interest and desire to do more investigative work. He shifts his focus in this direction when the cover role finished, applies to be a Detective.

Enjoys the different challenges of being involved more deeply in the serious investigations – opts to focus more on this work moving forward.

He makes Detective and, encouraged by his wife and colleagues in the CG, he begins actively seeking work in the CGIS as a full-time investigator.

Applies to CGIS when a role becomes vacant and, six months later Buzz transfers.

Buzz Bradley

Physical Appearance
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorGreen

Service Record

May 2010Graduates High School, scores in 90 ASVAB and enlists US Army
June 2010US Army OSUT (One Station Unit Training) in Fort Benning, Georgia
August 2010Graduates Basic Training
December 2010Graduates OSUT as Cavalry Scout (MOS 19D) Armored Reconnaissance Specialist in the Combat Arms branch of the United States Army.
January 2010 to February 2018 Various overseas deployments. Infantry. Stryker Units. Pathfinder. Achieves rank E5 Sergeant.
October 2016Marries Mika
April 2017First child is both – daughter – Emelia
February to April 2018 Musters out of US Army. Applies to Charleston PD.
September 2018-2020Attends college
July 2020Second child is born – son – Ryan. Buzz passes his Detective exam.
September 2023Graduated WOCS, Commissioned Chief Warrant Officer (INV1), Assigned CGIS Academy, Crime Scene Technician Training, FLETC Glyco, GA
December 2023Completed probationary CGIS service, elevated to full Special Agent
May 2024Assigned Chesapeake-Capitial Region Office, Chesepeake, VA – Special Agent
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